Alignments, Sessions, and 1:1 Private Services

*I am on hiatus from sessions until early June. Good news? I am still available and doing new and fun things! My community space on patreon is an excellent space to access ongoing learning and community. My new podcast 'Crow Medicine' offers weekly energy alignment and inspiration. My ongoing writing and planetary focus require me to step away from taking on the energy of others that comes along with the sacred art of energy healing.*

Every single person coming here seeking my support in session has the ability to learn how to heal themselves. I wrote a book called Soul Compass that covers the basic method to self healing that serves as the basis for the way I do it. This puts the power in YOUR HANDS. Key to Soul Compass: Many self healing tools. Also ones to get and stay on the right (for you) track. Click here to access:

Private sessions are a great way to focus in on something that we have been working to achieve in our lives. Be it clarity on life transitions, support developing a sacred skillset, support making energetic transitions, or some ongoing dialogue: Giving yourself the gift of working with a gifted energy practitioner is a great way to slingshot forward. 

I have been practicing the sacred arts for as long as my soul has memory. Throughout the course of my career (this lifetime), I have worked with people of diverse ages, skill set, and backgrounds. This has included families, animals, practitioners, mental health field professionals, teachers, families (including preparing birth plans and supporting transition out of life) and brand newbies.The souls who have recently been finding me are in three main realms of experience:

a) Those that require support with soul freedom, and/or who are rebuilding from various forms of trauma (in this life and/or others). This includes rebuilding from major illness, emotional/karmic tag removal, and rebuilding energy centers after extreme trauma like rape, assault, and/or soul targeting/harvesting.

b) I also have a healthy stream incoming of souls who are in the process of activating their sacred knowledges, calling forth soul experiences, and who are refining their sacred craft in support of the Universe. These are people who come with me for support in their private training, private practice, and/or in relation to their caretaking for the universe. Sometimes, this is a psychologist or teacher in the 'public' system. Other times this is a soul walking in. This could also be a person seeking specialist support on diagnostics of a task/skill set they are encountering. I leave this 'broad' knowing that we will both know if we are aligned. 

c) My third flow is FAMILY!!! I frequently work with families on a range of topics including: Creating safe/healthy learning spaces for 'aware' children; family karmic/energy alignment; creating healthy energetic birthing plans; and supporting peaceful transition out of this life. When I say 'family', this includes animals. It also can include ancestors, depending on what type of a scenario we are working with.

(Please see 'learning' tab for more on special family learning'.) As the Universe adjusts, so will this flow. For this reason, I welcome those who are ready to make deep transformation to step forward. I choose to focus my session spaces on this!

For January and February ONLY: Not everyone needs a big procedure. Some people would love to come and check in. PLEASE NOTE: I will do basic sessions for $300 CAD. Please let me know when you write in if this is what you are seeking to book!

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Coming to work with me in session is a decision that has the ability to transform your life. Especially if you are willing to put the work in with your aftercare by grounding in the adjusted energy with your actions and active embodiment. 

In focusing on soul repair and advanced training, I have set the bar to welcome multilayered alignments. By nature, these are high skill cases. In order to do this type of creation, I go into ceremony for you! There is prep work and personal clearing that goes into preparing and debriefing for each that is performed. In the case of families, many souls do magnify the work! As a result, I request: $444 cad per session.  These sessions also often come with personal support material that you are able to bring into your home practice to ground the growth after we wrap up.

What about Regular Soul Alignments? What about being Budget friendly?

I know that being affordable has been a huge draw to me for people. Me shifting in this direction creates the space for me to write books (one in progress), to build better courses, and to do more general, fun, no pressure gatherings and activities. 

Please note that I will reserve 2 family spots for $300 and 2 personal consultations for $300 EACH MONTH as a way to remain accessible to our community. If you would like to be one of these people, please let me know when you are contacting me. (This excludes soul retrieval and deep/multifaceted energy repairs.) This will continue after February, when I make my full transition out of the old remuneration scale. I will always be here for our community. Transparency note: My skills have expanded a lot because of my training and initiations. Connecting with me is now way more multidimensional and regenerative than before. I have made these adjustments to my remuneration scale in fairness to myself and what working with these skills requires.

Other than the complex clients, my predominant flow has been people who require support on getting free of their emotional baggage and outdated energetic bonds. In session, I work to harmonize them with their unique soul frequency. This self harmonization and connection that I facilitate in these sessions is something that we each have the power to do on our own. Why pay me to do it for you when you can learn how to do it for yourself? In a safe learning environment using the method I have designed, to boot!

ENTER: SOUL COMPASS. A brand new learning program that begins its first round on January 10. (Book with it!) The concept: To teach you how to hear your soul speak and to hear it as your guiding point in life. In short, to help you find and hear your soul compass!!! Check out the program information, here: .


Ongoing Open Access Learning and Community: I also remind people that I have all kinds of relaxed learning and ongoing content sharing in my communities! I highly recommend giving my Patreon a glance at (click here for more:

Payment and  Connection

All sessions take place on a video calling program called 'Zoom'. This is free for you to use, and requires a very small set-up procedure which can be initiated pre-call at I always work with video because it allows for a depth of communication that simple voice calling does not. I send clients an email containing a live link to our meeting room. At the beginning of our session, all you must do is click that link and you are in. If you have done my group calls, it is the same procedure!

Payment, Scheduling, and Refund policy: To request a session, please email me at Please give me a short summary of what you are seeking support on. If I feel like a good fit, we can book in! If you need or reschedule your session, please do so promptly and with respect to my time. The way that my soul works, the 'session' is really more like the apex of an experience. I enter into ceremony to prepare myself, soul, body, and space. Deep soul repair is not a uniform procedure. Variously, there are trips to other realms and dimensions to gather fragments and do negotiations, specific frequencies that I must acquire in order to hum at the frequency required of the repair, and personal energy gathering. As a result, I require full payment up front. Once I have begun providing, I do not provide refunds. Rescheduling is also not always easy or possible. Please do your best to get to the booked slot. 

 As is the nature of soul freedom, there are the rare occurrences where I share information with a client and what is keeping them unfree lashes out. If the person becomes a bastion for that energy at any point during or leading up to our connection in a manner that is threatening to my soul safety, I reserve the right to stop. Immediately. There will be no refund and no rescheduling if a client becomes aggressive.