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In addition to the course offerings and group calls that I share, I also love working with people in private session. Below are some examples of what I have been sharing in session. Most wind up being a mix of all of these components. If there is something that you feel called to work with me on that is not on this list, please reach out! If it feels right, we will do it.


PLEASE NOTE: My field is powerful. Your alignment process begins the moment that you decide to book in. Once we have agreed to work together, I begin guiding you in the astrals to prepare. You will notice your energy begins shifting almost immediately. In many ways, the session is a wrap up. While there, we do energy alignment, soul unification, matrix release, sacred spark connection. Most sessions include components of all.

For the energy body alignment/repair focused sessions: As it has been happening more frequently, the session itself is an encapsulation of the work. We call in the alignment, the session serves as the grounding point where people are also able to ask questions/seek clarification. In these cases, we often wrap up our conversational aspect within thirty minutes.

For the consultation/guidance sessions: We tend to work together for sixty minutes. I run the alignments as we are in communication. We often speak about a spiral of your interests/questions with the purpose of connecting you to your highest vibrational path, unique soul signature, and sacred gifts.

Soul purpose alignment and Skills Activation

These sessions are designed to support your connection to creation, your soul journey, soul aspects, skill sets, and all that is uniquely you.

These connections can be many things and are always determined by where YOU are at on your journey at the time of our connection. Sometimes they involve clearing karma, others very specific mission guidance, others clearing energy blocks, and in many cases a mix of the three. We discuss where you are at in your work, I give feedback from your unified soul as your main contact point, guides, Gaia, space family, elementals, and the list goes on (who really depends again, on your work). Activations, laughter, tears, clearing – whatever we need to do, we do it. The one thing you can count on is that we are going to go deep and we connect on many layers.

Soul Retrieval/Karmic Alignments

As we know, when the body/soul goes through an incident like birth, crossing, an experience like a car accident or cancer, or some deep soul fragmentation, it can take some time and effort to heal. These moments (in this and other lifetimes) can create deep energetic tears that left unchecked, have the power to negatively impact our path forward. They become 'wounds', some even 'core wounds'. We realize that soul care is very important part of aligning and moving forward.

I am honoured to be approached by many people in our community who are healing and aligning from some indepth energy/physical/soul experiences. Though I do not often share about these (because they are private), I am here in that capacity. I have the capacity to do energy support on surgical repairs, birth preparation plans, crossing preparation and soul/body support, karmic repairs (when it is in alignment with the universal laws for those contracts to be adjusted), grid adjustments. Just about anything, so long as my soul frequency and signature can align with what is required by the particular client. 

If you are seeking support in this capacity and the energy I am communicating in this post feels in alignment, please do email me at and let me know a bit about what energy you are working. We work out exchange on a case by case basis. 

Energy Aware Youth and Family Session

Working with energy sensitive youth and creating safe and loving developmental spaces for them is one of my great passions. Sometimes referred to as crystal or rainbow children, these young people are often born awake with their senses opened. I explain more about who energy sensitive youth are, why they are here, and how we can begin to create safe and loving spaces for them in this video:

These sessions are highly variable in that the age of a child and the nature of the connection or question often determines how we will align. In cases where the child is not yet born, we work through oversoul connection to prepare the passageway for their birth. If we are working with one who is already present on earth, they often are in the room (and out, we know how kids can be) but also very present with their unified soul energy. The basis of these sessions is always to provide understanding, high vibrational alignments, and to facilitate supportive environments for the next generation and those who love them as they navigate this ascension journey together. I often work with lightworking families and crystal children prior to birth. I am excited and happy to expand beyond that.

Gridwork Consultations

These sessions are often a blend of forms because when we connect to our work with the grids so too must we often learn how to construct or connect to that piece through and with ourselves.

These sessions require previous study and research on sites for me to do properly. I often work on you, your soul, and the site to get things put together. I ask $300 CAD per engagement due to the multifaceted and multi day nature of these engagements.

30 Minute Sessions

I am happy to announce that I am holding space for thirty minute versions of all formats of sessions including energy alignments, mission alignments and activations, gridwork consultation, and youth/family sessions. These 30 minute sessions are great for a person who has a very specific question, people who are working on various lightworking projects, teammates, and past students or clients. If we are connecting for the very first time, an hour long session is quite possibly merited, but this is not always the case.


These sessions are $111 CAD and only available to people I already know and work with.

Payment and  Connection

All sessions take place on a video calling program called 'Zoom'. This is free for you to use, and requires a very small set-up procedure which can be initiated pre-call at I always work with video because it allows for a depth of communication that simple voice calling does not. I send clients an email containing a live link to our meeting room. At the beginning of our session, all you must do is click that link and you are in. If you have done my group calls, it is the same procedure!

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so promptly and with  respect to my time. While I am always flexible in extenuating circumstances, in typical cases, once we have booked your session a refund will not be issued. A reschedule will. There will be no refund and no rescheduling if a client becomes aggressive with me as a result of their energy shifting. I have zero tolerance for in or pre session aggressiveness and will cut off all contact if that behaviour arises. No refund. I showed up to do my job and held space throughout the process. You not being comfortable with what comes up in you is an indication that the energy has worked. 

Payment MUST be made to reserve the session spot and can be sent to OR if you are in Canada, via email money transfer to


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