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Woo-woo! Our Gateway Journey Group BEGINS TODAY!! (There is still time to register and few spots I

I am super excited that the gateway journey group I am hosting begins today. This offering is my way of creating space for ongoing support, a fun and interactive environment, and meaningful skills that are ready to be put to use in this and upcoming gateway transition moments.


We have 3 weeks of themed programming which includes: Recognizing when things are being brought into your attention through body/life for shifting (and how to do that); recognizing/creating opportunities to connect to your new flow (building your crystalline pathway); and Holding the faith/creating the space within your journey in those moments when gateways feel WTF and is this ever going to end (yes, there are tips we can use to feel and breathe through this). Our final week is a wrap up week with open theme based on where participants are at.

ALSO, there will be:

- 1 skills video each week (we have our first being released today) including a welcome and wrap up video.

- Exercises and themed discussion throughout the week that you can get to as/if you choose. This includes the chance to ask questions and get direct feedback from me.

- 3 group calls happening each Sunday at 6 pm ADT (which is inclusive to our Australian friends). These calls will be recorded so you are able to tune in if you cannot make the live. I will also be sure to answer your questions if you have some but are unable to attend the meeting.

- a private forum to participate in where myself and the other awesome participants will chat/share experiences/provide support for and share enjoyment with one another!

- Trust that there will be a lot of music sharing and jokes. This is meant to be fun and lighthearted while also creating space to be real about the 'challenges' and moments of initiation that we encounter during a gateway season.

What you learn here are great skills that you will be able to put into place through other gateway seasons to flow with skill and love through.

EXCHANGE: 169-222 CAD, pay what you can with payment plans available. You can go here to get registered: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gateway-journey-lion-s-gate

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, JUST CLICK THROUGH THE PAYPAL BUTTON THAT COMES UP WHEN YOU CLICK PURCHASE NOW (It leads you to a paywall where you can use a credit card and do not have to interact with paypal. It is a misnomer and I have asked the company who does my hosting to fix it.)


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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