Wombyn: Honouring and Purifying our Creation Portal


As we know, the womb portal of creation is key to who many of us are as people. Our womb spaces, and in particular our bleeding and birth capabilities, make us powerful creators. Our womb spaces are cosmic portals are the conduits for humans to be created in this realm. It is not only babies that our wombs, call in. They are also capable/responsible for birthing new reality streams, which we do each month when we bleed. (We will be learning about that.)

Those very same characteristics of these bodies made them (us) targets. Throughout that last epoch, our bodies and our cycles became an important battery source for the archon system. A main objective will be clearing up any outdated connection points, healing up the womb space, and moving it into alignment with the rest of our energy bodies (and creation cycles) so that we are able to harness our flow.

Much of my ceremonial focus for the last few years has been on clearing, reconnecting, and supporting our planet through cosmic womb development. This has also been an intricate part of my sacred practice spanning many lifetimes. I feel honoured and excited to hold space and creation in this session.


WHERE: Online, through zoom.

WHEN: November 27, 2020 from 10 am - 1 pm AST.

This gathering will have 2 main focale points:

1) Alignment to close and purify any energy siphons placed upon our creative cycle through bleeding and forms of creation that come from it This includes:

a) Releasing any cords formed during sexual intercourse and activities (and this includes rape and sexual assault). b) Repairing womb spaces and calling them into alignment with the rest of our energy systems (many are 'switched off)

(Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a recorded alignment session to get this part started upon registration.)

2) Embracing our flow cycle as a space of creation and moving into harmony with it as a valuable part of our creation. This includes:

a) Carting for our cosmic womb creation portal b) Building a wombgrid c) Harmonizing with the moon cycle (which can be abstracted to other stars and planets) (participants will gain access to a new moon ceremony to further ground their practice. (I host moon ceremonies each cycle as a way for us to touch base and enjoy one another.)

Welcoming participants to register for this intimate workshop experience, now. Click here to do so: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/wombyn.

(If you would like to reserve a space but need a moment with tuition, a small downpayment will suffice.)

Offering created in peace with the intent to support our community from the heart of me, Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics.

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