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WHY ARE WE STAYING HOME?: An Energetic Perspective Taking Archon Tactics into Account

An alternate layer.

Friends. I have been seeing a lot of people posting about staying home, and whether the virus was really real, or why things were as stringent as they are.

I am not a healthcare professional, and I will not comment extensively on CV-19 itself because I think people saying things about what they do not understand is a huge problem. You trust me and take my words as truth. I take that seriously and so I speak only on what I understand. For the record, I do believe that there is a virus. I do believe that it was intentionally released and I do believe that it is important to remain mindful and observant.

There is another reason we are being asked to stay home and out of crowded spaces. That reason is our own safety. I am sharing this from a centered space and heart felt consideration. Please take a deep breath and read on from your own.

As you know, many people on this planet have been implanted with chips/connected to various mind control technologies, and/or influenced through soul manipulation (often a mixture of the three). Many people reading this post will have likely come into contact with it either through their own experiences or in life with others. Examples of it are: The weird solar plexus shaking/shivering that you cannot slow down. Blacking out and not remembering what happens (with and without alcohol...alcohol makes one more easy to manipulate but this does happen to those not consuming substances). Saying and doing things that seem to come from someone else and not being sure how it got out. Having two or more personalities that are very distinct and not connected to another diagnosis. Urges for sexual predation. Urges for violence.

A person gets tagged through birth (soul agreement of parents through various realms a la 'I promise my first born child'), soul selling, starseed grouping, and various acts that they may experience that create deep emotional woundings like rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug use in particular opiates and methamphetamine, the use of certain behavioural control drugs, and of course systemic warping through repeated programming in institutions and schools. It was a very powerful and quickly spreading system for a while.

(Read on there is hope.)

When a tagged person acts in alignment with these vibrations, they would feed the old system, the archon grid. When they would act out towards others, they would often also tag them. The pain/fear/grief that comes from interacting with people acting in this energy system is intense and often become core wounds. I discussed how this works in some detail from this recent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWOtz6TMzi8&t=2129s. It is a discussion and purification practice on the pineal and adrenal glands along with the hippocampus. Work with this to flush anything out of your system that might be in there. I recommend checking it out after you have finished reading the article.

It is highly common strategy for archon/old powers to trigger people who are tagged intentionally to create chaos, fear and disorder.


One of the main reasons that I support staying home is that it is obvious that in these moments, as the grid continues to dissolve energetically as well as institutionally, those losing power are getting desperate. I have been accepting of staying home because I had a strong feeling that the old controllers would work to create fear by triggering tagged people at key moments. This could include the generation of violence in the home. Absolutely. Some of the worst atrocities are committed by those close to us. *hugs to you if you are in this space. Please know that it is ok to ask for help.*

Saying this in a calm and measured space. I also knew that there was an increased likelihood that there would be false flag fear generating event that was designed to hurt a lot of people. Random shootings, attempts to hurt people at places remaining open, and perhaps more dispersion of the strain associated with the chemically induced and intentionally distributed version of this virus. To do so makes sense. Anything to hold on to power is what these people and beings would do.

I have observed a number of these incidents popping up ever since we went into lockdown. I am not going to create a list of them because I think that could be scary. What prompted me to come out and make this post is circumstance and alignment. On the alignment point, the Mars/Saturn/Pluto adjustment brings with it the underbelly of violence. You may have noticed the edge in self and others. We are also very close to decentering pieces like the vaccination scam and the archon dens. This makes a perfect time for the triggers to be hit. Something very dangerous exactly in this pattern happened near where I live, today. An armed shooter murdered 17 people and went on a rampage. (Edited to add; There may be more people discovered. Scenes are still being cleared. You may read more from this updated article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/canada/nova-scotia-shooting-rcmp/amp).

This is not the first incident that has happened here that has followed this pattern. These are HIGHLY atypical for my region. That said, Halifax in prior history had come to be used to be an archon broadcast point.We had a lot of tagged people. I know that in other broadcast places, similar tag calling could emerge. When we keep ourselves home and out of those public spaces, we take away the ability to create mass chaos and potentially, save lives of ourselves and others. If these things are kicking off here, and I know how this works, I feel I have the responsibility to tell you about this piece of the thread.

I believe that higher level intelligence is aware of the chipping.

I have been remaining quiet on this aspect of why I accept staying home because saying words like this can create fear itself. At this point, I have heard so many people say just fuck it that they are going to stop following regulations and enough has happened that I have observed this thread playing out to address it publically. I care about this community. I care about our friends and family. I say this to add an important layer to the conversation and perhaps to encourage people to take their personal safety into account.

I love you. I love this planet. We will get through this. We have come so far. The light at the end of the tunnel is just right there. We have a few more weeks and then this will have shifted significantly.

Edited to add: I will be holding an unrecorded ceremony at 10 am tomorrow morning and it will be shared through my blog www.indicrowenergetics.com as well as this page. I know that we have a lot of Nova Scotians, here. I welcome them and those of us who feel inspired to join in. I think it is important to honour the people and to help our community energetically shift this. Please join.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Blog: www.indicrowenergetics.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111

School: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

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