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What We Put into Communication

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Food for thought: None of us really 'needs' to wake up to cranking, complaining, frustration, venting, or the vexing of other peoples' negative emotions through the variuos forms of communication we have at our disposal these days.

The energy we embue in a message is felt acutely by the receiver (whether they realize it or not). We contribute to our own lives and those of others in the ways we think about, speak to (or not), speak about, and communicate with one another.

When we write those 'vent' messages, unfiltered complaints (not associated with the person we are complaining to, but sometimes also those), or ones filled with anger or ill intention, we are offloading our personal responsibility to deal with these emotions and putting them onto others.

Taking a moment to calm and ground, clear your auric field, and then write the text or make the call is a great way to be mindful of what we are putting out there. If our fingers are shaking in rage, probably not a great time to send that message to an uninvolved friend. (After that 60 second grounding, the charge will be gone and you are able to go ahead without passing on your anger to them.)

Notice these themes and others around how we like to verbalize (or not) coming up? It is exactly the alignment for that. As we move our way through Mercury entering our beautiful Virgo, we contemplate communication and caretakers. It also has to do with what we contribute to a situation and how that plays out.

Asking a person how they are doing and asking how many spoons they have (that is slang for how are you doing, today) and/or if they are up for a tough talk is a great of honouring the boundaries of people you trust in your life.

Because guess what? The listening people usually listen to a lot of people. We are sensitive and loving which makes us great listeners. We do also get tired and overwhelmed from holding space for our loved ones. We care about you!!


Are you a receiver of these communications? If so, making sure that you have strong boundaries and know when it is too much for you is important. Saying no, communicating to people when/how they are able to best communicate with you is totally acceptable. Sometimes people do not like it at first because they are in that space of "Oh my goodness, what do I do" or "Can you believe this happened?" that can sometimes be very selfish. Asking people to take consideration of your space can sometimes inadvertantly point that out to them, which can then usher in some defensive behaviour. The way I have worked around this is to just implement the same standards for everyone, all the time, and knowing that if a person does not consider my feelings enough to understand that I have a real life, and some complex things going on as part of what I do, they are not really people I choose to hold space for in my spare time. I need those fun times of not thinking about the complexities of the universe to be able to handle them. I am certain other spaceholders can share similar thoughts/themes.


You know what can be really nice? Sending around kind emails and messages/texts/calls when you feel great! That energy spreads, as well. I very recently woke up to a series of video and text messages from a family with whom I work. They knew I was doing some heavy lifting. They each recorded a personal message to me and their mom sent it along as a family package to me. Those are messages I will treasure forever. It was exactly what my soul needed coming back after that. (Thank you to that family.)

It is totally ok to ask for help. Above where I mentioned asking how a friend is doing before unloading is a great way to checkin. Another is seeing a professional counselor, therapist, legal professional, or person like me who works with the soul! We are so here for that! That is what session is for. In booking a session, you submit a fee and set aside a specific time. This allows practitioner be right there at their best for you! In fact, we put ourselves into that space where we can handle that kind of energy and then we do! It does take a lot to stay clean and clear and in high spirits when holding space for some pretty serious issues, not all confined to planet earth.


This is a topic that I have been writing and speaking on for a minute, now. Head on over to my Youtube page and blog for more on that. I will be sharing more new material on this over at IndiCrow Energetics, which is where my energy work is communicated through .

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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