What a Month Alcohol Free has Taught Me (upcoming livestream)

What a Month Alcohol Free Has Taught Me

I recently celebrated a month being alcohol free as part of an ongoing body cleanse.

What began as a little experiment in purifying my liver opened up a whole new realm of understanding about body, soul, and what even mild alcohol consumption was veiling in my field.

In short: Most of my consumption was linked to undetected psychic senses that were picking up environmental trauma that my body was 'tricked' into believing alcohol would be able to help numb.

The image here is not of alcohol but rather of beet root juice. Through the process of this cleanse, I realized that the true thing my body was seeking all along was the grounding impacts of very specific plant compounds being mixed together.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know a lot of people in our community have questions about consumption and their senses. It is something we speak about often 'behind closed doors' but less so in public. It is also falling into these urges to consume that trap so many people in ruts.

I can feel the urge to consume rippling through our collectives right now. The planet is engaged in a huge purification. I feel like having this experience right now puts me in a great position to help shift into more self loving ways to identify what the urge to consume is.

I will be going live tonight at 6 pm AST/5 EST which is afternoon for the West coast, late evening for UK/IRL, and am for AUS. Please join me for this honest, non preachy, non judgemental conversation about consumption.

Please note that I will mostly work with the word 'alcohol' and 'consumption'. I will not be detailing specific substances beyond this in the respect of people whom that may trigger.

I will also speak about flour and sugar as part of this experience. Together they form the trifecta of veil confusion.

This link will bring you to the live broadcast as well as to the 'reminder' page and replay! Please send it around to any friends or family that you feel may benefit from this conversation! https://youtu.be/GZ5iXZymnCc


I began a full body cleanse series in early November as part of a personal 'feel good' challenge to me. I wanted to see how it would feel to dedicate to heavy metal detoxing, alcalazing my system, and purifying my gut.

At first, this included moving to the famed celery juice cleanse described by Medical Medium. *IT WORKS!* It also included cutting out sugar (no cookies or candies which I tend to use to ground), very few carbs, almost no wheat. (I had already been on brown rice flour, cocunut everything, and had healthy eating habits in genreal already in place.)

As I got into the process, I also came upon my wedding and the holiday. Two occasions that tend to be all about consumption. Sugar, foods out of the ordinary to 'celebrate' and alcohol.

Uh-oh. Testing!!!

Speaking openly about this with my husband who came on this adventure with me: We thought it would be fun to be as clear and focuesd as we could for our wedding. We were both loving how we were feeling from our diet adjustments and exercise routines. We decided hey: Why not see how we feel without alcohol? It is such a high source of sugar and if we are cutting out all these other things....why not leave it?


What an unexpected life change cleansing in general and releasing alcohol in particular as part of it has been!

Saying this, I would like to be clear: I have not been a heavy drinker since my early 20s in Newfoundland rocking my time on George St. Thought not a mainstay of my life, alcohol has remained something I would consume to mark occassions. A glass of wine here ,a cider there. Never that many but it was still a 'thing'. As is the case with many of us.

The clarity that came to me in the month without alcohol has explained so much to me about what I was drinking and eating sugar and comfort foods to mask. (Hint: A lot of it had to do with extreme stress from my environment...not even things inside my home.) I learned that I was even more empathic than I realized and that when I was feeling urges to consume, it was becaues I was picking up some really difficult things in my auric field in my travels and living situation. (Lightwork too, but this I was aware of.) I learned that my skills are even more sharp than I was giving them credit for. Not recognizing little factors like this and including them in part of my care routine was leaving me exposed. (Note: Feel strong inexplicable ages to gorge on food or substance? Have you ever wondered if what you were doing was more about 'coping' than 'fun'? For me, it was definitely the former and not the latter often but not always.)

I learned that being extremely psychically sensitive was a main link to what were consumption urges. I also realized more....which is why we do the livestream!

I feel excited to share about how being psychic and consumption urges may be linked and how you are able to work with what I learned to help you!!

This link will bring you to the live broadcast as well as to the 'reminder' page and replay! Please send it around to any friends or family that you feel may benefit from this conversation! https://youtu.be/GZ5iXZymnCc

The above link will bring you to the live broadcast and the replay after. We will be doing our patreon aftershow Sunday to discuss our month of feeling good after that!



Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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