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Welcoming Possibilities and Shifting Reality Streams

Good morning, friends!

Feel that influx series that is continuing on with our gateways? It is bringing with it a lot of purified cosmic energy for integration into our personal and planetary grids. The potential of the trajectories into 2020 (and 2021) are flowing. It is up to us to connect to and make the most of these moments. This is that whole part where embodiment and free will choice show their importance.

There are some very distinct narratives playing out in these moments. In some harmonics, we can feel the rainbow of creation energy weaving in through the rays and waves as they connect to earth, our souls, and bodies. It feels fantastic. Like being in a dream. In others, there is a lot of fighting, fear, and aggression being expressed. All of the things that are wrong with the planet are gaining a huge group of peoples' attention as the veil is lifted and the deep inner rattlings of awakening and being shaken out of an ideological and societal haze are beginning. This feels discordant and angry, sad and sometimes hopeless.

All of the pathways to ascension and awakening are valid and important. The reason why I am writing this morning is to remind those who are ready that this moment of growth and seed planting and expansion is here if we are ready to experience it.

Practical example of how to work with this energy can be found in this planting seeds ceremony that we created back at Bealtane. I highly recommend taking the time to focus your intent and to call the magic of this influx into powering them. Click this link for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GLPdZqRZ0E&t=2s

As for when we and/or the people around us are encountering that heavier feeling reality: Giving people and ourselves the space to work through their range of emotions as they work through being exposed to the true nature of soul and society is important, now and always. These emotions and thoughts are part of the spectrum of human experience. Deeply embedded patterns are currently being entrenched. It is up to us to hold space while the masses (and each other) work through this. We are moving into the peak of the Orionids which brings questions about society and order. This season also includes strong releasing of the veil energies. There will be more.

This will be and already is a season of deep introspection. This kind of inner reflection is necessary. We will all be digging deep with honesty. Whether we view this as a nightmare or gift is up to us.

In the instances where we are facing the parts of ourselves and societies or ascension overlays that bring pain, I share the gentle reminder. We have the power to interpolate any situation with which vibrational reality we choose to act from. The pain that an interaction brings up can easily be relived by us in that pained timeline. Or, we can see these bits and observe them from that different harmonic spectrum, acting (or not) from that vibrational framework, thus transfiguring our relationship to it. We create something new and different. We build a reality where we are free from that energy strand.

More from me soon! I must now dart off to prepare for an upcoming session. It felt important to reach out and share some love this morning.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Want some support moving through the energy? Here are some great tools that may be of use!: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/ascension-alignment-pack

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