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Welcoming Eclipse Season! Where We Are Coming from and What is Incoming

Greetings, friends!

We have been in the eclipse line up for the last few days now. Solstice just happened. This one was all about calling in our creator selves. Since then, we have had the increasing integration of the cellular cleansing and upgrading part of this process. Many have been feeling a lot energetic discomfort this week, coming into their depths of what is holding themselves from being the creator they are here to be. (I have been sharing about this extensively. Please see my most recent posts.)

We have been in a process for the past two years of rewriting, preparing, upgrading, adjusting, building, and preparing for the changes we are already experiencing now. Think about the goals you set back in eclipse/Lion's Gate 2017. Equinox. Where you were with your life and how many timeline shifts we have made as a collective with this planet. We understand that what is occurring right now is 'new', however I remind us all that this is the result of honest and focused dedication by an incredible group of souls, both on and off this planet. Thank you to all.

Over the last 6 months, there has been extensive grounding of the updated/upgraded frequencies. We have been calling forth the energetic components that are required to make a large scale energetic jump and we are pretty much ready to do it. We hear about the ray coming from the Crab Nebula and the Solar Flares. We are intentionally connecting to and anchoring this energy in. It is not happening by accident or by luck. We hear about the earth cleansing and shifting. These are important indications things are working well. Most of all, we are feeling it in our lives and energy systems.

As the song goes, "We have only just begun."

We are currently well into the transition of our eclipse season. Many feel it and have been already, with reports of dissolving timelines, bodily responses like upset stomach or migraines, and choicepoints galore. This is in part a 'wrap up' and also, preparation process as we transition out of the clearing we initiated with solstice to be able to connect to these upcoming influxes from our most pure space (which then primes us to accelerate through upgrades). We will be shifting as many humans as possible into the integrated/upgraded system between now and 2020. This will require constant upgrades, with little jumps being made possible by alignments by those we are experiencing now.

I strongly encourage people to take self care as a priority in these next months. Right now is an excellent time to begin. We are able to make a lot of progress in our personal trajectories, as well as really help our planet as we transition. Taking care of ourselves enables us to enjoy this process and supports our collectives. Daily energy alignment and vibration setting, personal reflection, believing in ourselves, and the courage to make change are important tools. Staying in good physical condition, supporting loving self talk, and taking care of your soul are other key components. I know that sometimes we feel disempowered at parts of our journey. Recognizing that you have the power to change your condition and putting honest effort creates beautiful results. You can do this.

And remember:

We got this.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For those seeking tools/additional support: In addition to the library I have posted on youtube and will continue to release, I have created 2 materials that are available in this now and created in alignment of this specific season.

The first is a 60 minute energy alignment exercise that was recorded yesterday. It explains a lot about this process, is a solid energy transmission and even includes an exercise led by Damien to connect and integrate with intention to the animal collective and kingdom. It is like going to an energy alignment and skills session. It is great for replay and available here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/60-minute-alignment-journey-connecting-balancing-and-integration

I also have a gateway group offering that begins on July 3. We are having weekly meetings (Sunday 6 pm ADT), ongoing dialogue in a private forum, and ongoing exercises like the ones I mention above being shared by me in alignment with which parts of the gateway we are at. Click this link for more: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gateway-journey-lion-s-gate

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