Wondering about why we feel the moon phases or Mercury retrograde? What is the big deal about this solar conjunction? How/Why does it impact our lives? How do the stars and planets play into the awakening journey this whole planet is on? Well, my friends, I offer this special installment of My Spiritual Life to you. One all about my favourite topics: Stars and planets.

Welcoming guest Kelliena Smith, today we got DEEP into my favourite topic: Our Universe. Today, from the perspective of how astrology is so powerful to understanding the movements of stars, planets, and how they influence our lives on this planet. As we move into cosmic flow and understanding with them, we come into a more harmonized version of self.

I LOVED THIS DISCUSSION because we GOT EXPANSIVE. A major theme of our conversation is how the stars and planets are part of our design and the design of this planet. A big part of this awakening we are experiencing is reconnecting to and harmonizing our relationship with the cosmos, as it was intended to be and as it has been. My role as a gatemaster has been to travel the planet supporting this function in our grids! This planet is meant to be tuned for this! Another piece of our conversation was to express the sentience of stars and planets and how we are able to communicate directly with them. It can be as simple as beginning to track where the moon is and or which planets are above us. Two big teachers in our fields right now are Jupiter and Saturn, our great conjunction mates. They are going to be in play for the next two years as we transition into the age of Aquarius.

FREEDOM in the universe, and in particular within our cosmic neighbourhood was an interwoven thread of our engagement. It is important to remember: As above, so below. Much of what we are experiencing here in terms of corruption and oppression also happened in the Universe. I share some cosmic updates about my role as a universal harmonizer, and where we are with the process of getting into our exalted, clear and free pathways as a system. (Cliffs notes: It is going really well.)

A final theme that wove throughout this installment is the concept of energy echoes. Described by Kelliena at the outset, an echo is a leftover resonance or pattern. Building on her description, I note that timeline adjustments and a lot of the harmonic shifting we are doing now (and have been up to these past few years) has been to shift out those old echoes and create space for the new. As we say throughout, gradual learning and giving yourself the space to become the observer of the cosmic flow in your life is a great way to build knowledge. Kelliena regularly releases astrology updates by sign. You can find those here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrFKTY8c4XX5zEfr1UqeU2g. Giving yourself the opportunity to listen and say....hey, that does or does not apply to me is a great way to get started. You may also find her here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/KellienaPsychic.

Loved what we are saying and wish to hear more? Good news! We continued this conversation on with more tips and information in my patreon community. The replay for it is available there, now! So too are many valuable day to day energy adjustment and mastery tips! Click here to pledge!: patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow.


As with every episode of My Spiritual Life, there are recommended materials! Kelliena has some excellent new courses published on Udemy. You may find one on palm reading: https://www.udemy.com/course/psychic-palm-reading/ and one on practicing your psychic skills, here: https://www.udemy.com/course/advance-psychic-development/. For more on the gridshift, you can check out this post I created (many more on my blog www.indicrowenergetic.com, been live blogging this): https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/energy-influxes-and-our-bodies-big-shifts. I also mentioned a new offering beginning January 11 called Soul Compass. Click here for more information on that: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/soul-compass-getting-to-know-your-unique-soul-essence-and-signature .

Click here for the episode link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bkx153VItE&feature=youtu.be

Back next Wednesday at 10 am AST for My Spiritual Life: Holiday Survival/Enjoyment Edition. Find that on my youtube page live. We then head over to patreon community for the aftershow.

Thanks again to guest, Keliiena. This was really fun.

I hope you all get as much out of this conversation as I did. A true pleasure and joy to be part of.


Katie IndiCrow


Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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