Want to Learn More About How to Unify and Care for Your Soul?

Looking for ways to understand the complexity of yourself as an energetic, infinite being? How about the ways that our souls shift and change as we adjust dimensions and shift out of the wheel of karma?

If these topics interest you, I welcome you to check out this BRAND NEW OFFERING!

I am so excited to make this post. Hot off the presses, I have put together a 6 week program all about getting to know our souls, how we ensure that we are functioning as autonomous, self directed energetic beings, and most importantly, how we are able to enter into sacred conversation and the cosmic spiral of healing and development through creative application of the practices and knowledge I will share through our weeks together. These will serve as valuable tools to employ in your personal practice for the rest of your life.


The package itself comes with 2 sets of classes/exercises 'preloaded' that people are able to work with to get acquainted to the main themes of the offering. Participants will be encouraged to refer to this material as support material to complement that which is being delivered in each unit. They serve as our base upon which this offering will be built. (You can sign up and work with those now!!! Get started right away, keeners!)

Please note that all materials are recorded and distributed in VIDEO format. They are delivered online through my school, IndiCrow Academy (click here to check out my online school at https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com) This means you may get to them each week as you are aligned. You are also encouraged to download the materials and return to them as you continue your journey. The tools and concepts introduced here are truly ones that you will be working on and deepening as you continue through your embodiment and dimensional transitions.

We will also have two class calls. One in week 2 (May 5) and another at the end of our engagement (June 2). Please note that I am pleased to host 4 calls to be more inclusive to our participants from different timezones, hosting in am and pm. This will be done ONLY if merited by participant placement and interest. If we are mostly from the same hemisphere/close zones, we will go with two.

Base Materials

A) Soul Unification:A 90 minute information and practice session that shares a wide range of information on souls whose basic practices we will be applying and elaborating upon as we come together for class gatherings/as we progress through the units.

B) Karma Clearing and Soul Contracts 1: A 90 minute information and practice session that shares a wide range of information on karma clearing and soul contracts. We will elaborate, build upon, and refer to these practices in our gatherings/as we progress through the units.

Unit 1: Getting to Know Our Souls (Released April 28, 2020)

This unit is all about introducing us to the concept of souls. We cover some basic points such as what they are, how they work, and how our relationships to them shift as we move into new dimensional awareness. A focale point of this unit is how we enter sacred conversation with our souls. Working with our souls in their unified form, and how we are able to continue growing that relationship into our main compass point is such a huge part of our planetary transition.

Welcome class call and gathering: May 5. Will schedule call based on participants and time zones. Traditionally, I have favoured the northern hemisphere timewise HOWEVER I am aware that there are many people from the Southern hemisphere, particularly Australia that are coming into the community. I will happily schedule group calls, with two happening in the 'am' and two in the 'pm'.

Unit 2: Practices to Ensure Autonomy and Freedom (Released May 12, 2020)

Souls are meant to be free. We do not belong under the control of anyone or anything. A huge part of the transition that we are experiencing post 2012 is the mass freedom of souls who were involved in conditions that impinged their freedom. This unit is all about how we ensure that our soul pieces and fragments are getting cleared and aligned. It also ensures that participants have tools and information about when, how, and why we implement soul contract reviews and retrievals. There will also be multiple autonomy related practices. This includes the creative application of exercises to work with layers of your own soul contracts, how to call them forward, and ways to recognize our our ability to bring about change when we find them.

This also includes a valuable component on how we are able to ensure that we are always respecting freewill, autonomy, and freedom as we move about doing our creation and lightwork tasks! What we learn here, we are most certainly invited to apply to our approach to our sacred tasks.

Unit 3: Understanding and Bringing Meaning to Our Journey (Released May 26, 2020)

As souls, we are infinite beings. Thanks to the breaking down of the karmic wheel and the conflation/opening up of the travel passages of the universe (and beyond), we are now moving into a space where it is important for us to recognize the creative potential of our souls and the magnificence of our journeys. In this unit, we will bring together the themes that we have been working on throughout our previous 4 weeks. Calling in and setting the conditions for future working groups and objectives, building autonomy into our pathways and timelines, and of course, the most important part, welcoming fun and creativity as the language of our souls.

Final Class Call and Group Discussion

June 2, 2020: Will schedule call based on participants and time zones. Will happily host am and pm sessions to accommodate people in different timezones.This will be a great time for us to come together and discuss the main themes of our learning. I will do a final group energy alignment and ensure that each participant receives support in grounding their practice!

Traditionally, I have favoured the northern hemisphere timewise HOWEVER I am aware that there are many people from the Southern hemisphere, particularly Australia that are coming into the community. I will happily schedule group calls, with one happening in the am and one in the pm to be more inclusive.

GET STARTED NOW!! Here is the link to the online course/registration portal. As noted above, there are 2 preloaded pieces in there. Those of you eager to get going now may begin!

CLICK THIS LINK to access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-care-1

If you would like to arrange/request a payment plan or request an alternate access arrangement, contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com. We all know that flexibility and inclusivity are important to me. If you are meant to be there and our souls it aligns, money will never be a barrier to your learning!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

There are lot of learning opportunities at my blog: www.indicrowenergetics.com.

And through my school: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

Also take note of our family learning series (coming up Friday, here is information about that): https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/2-youth-focused-activities-on-friday-april-14 .

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