Want to Brush Up on Your Skillset? Announcing All New Packages and Access Now Training!

Hey, friends!

As you know, skills like learning how to take care of your energy body, karma clearing, timeline alignments and soul unification are super important tools that we are able to work with to support our growth and transition!

Throughout the past six weeks or so, I have been getting together information bundles, recording new practices, and designing new programs whose purpose is to get you the best information I possibly can. My intention has been to restructure IndiCrow Academy and get together highly useful energy and information practices that are affordable, available now, and are there for you to work with at your own pace and time.

Here is a list of some of the new pieces and packages that I have made available in this now! It is a long list. Getting together materials that are awesome, affordable, and applicable has been a huge priority for me as part of my journey in supporting you, my awesome community. Being accessible is important to me. I value you and honour your willingness to include me and the techniques I have developed as part of your journey.

(Please note that clicking the link to an offering will bring you to a landing page that includes more information about form and content.)

Karma Clearing MasterPack: This session is a bundle of Karma Clearing I and Karma Clearing II. Karma Clearing I is all about how to understand what soul contracts and karmic agreements are, how we figure out our own, and most importantly, how to shift them. Part II builds on the foundational practices offered in Part I, taking a look at how our agreements and alignments become embedded in our life patterns (say with partners and friends, our creativity) and how we are able to move into energetic autonomy for us (and them). You may access here, now: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/bundles/karma-clearing-i-and-ii

Soul Alignment and System Expansion: This is a skillset bundle 3 pack. It is all about aligning your aspects and energy, stepping int your creative autonomy, and learning how to take care of your soul and your energy body to do just that. I consider the materials in this package to be foundational (as well as those in karma clearing and I AM). It includes soul unification and alignment session, a 60 minute meditation and alignment journey for integration and upgrading, and expanding your energy body skillset session. Click here to access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/bundles/soul-alignment-and-system-expansion.

Empath Enjoyment: This is a 4 week course offering that brings you through a range of skills and techniques to be able to enjoy and expand the sensory experience that we refer to as being an 'empath'. This session is all about finding joy and autonomy for those developing this skill. It has been referred to as 'revolutionary' by those who have taken it so far, for its unique perspective on being an empath as valuable and wonderful Not something to shrink away from or be ashamed of. Access here, now: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/empath-enjoyment.

Everyday Energy: This offering is a multi tool piece that includes empath enjoyment as well as a range of additional practices and tools including an integration and alignment meditation and practices like 'sound capes' that you are able to put into play for your everyday! Auric field practice, energy management, and learning how to feel empowered in your energy expansion are key themes here. Click here for more information and to gain access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/every-day-energy-tools-for-enjoyment-and-flow

I AM: Ascension Mastery: This is a foundational IndiCrow Academy offering. It teaches the fundamental of aligning timelines, being able to connect to your highest vibrational outcome, changing dimensions, taking care of your energy body, and recognizing how to shift behaviours, conditions, and situations as they come up in the healing/alignment process. To make this more accessible, I have set it for $200 CAD less than what it originally was offered for. It is my gift to you and I highly encourage those wishing to move forward as autonomous and intentional creators to take it. Do not let the low price tag fool you. Click here to see a detailed week by week outline of the course and to access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/i-am

Session Practitioner Workshop: This piece is all about taking your session skills into their highest vibrational format. Covering everything from the booking process, to learning how to identify highest possible outcomes in session when advising clients, to learning how to hear and trust your own creative flow, this is a good one for people who have been wanting to kick their client work into high gear. Energy autonomy, calling in clients that we are excited to work with, and learning how to be the best and highest functioning version of ourselves are all discussed herein. Click here to access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/practitioner-session-tools-skills-pack

Caretakers of the Earth: I also wanted to remind people that I am taking registration for my new intensive training program, Caretakers of the Earth, which begins December 10. Please click this link for a detailed description. I encourage you to read through and please do reach out if you feel this is a program for you!: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/caretakers-of-the-earth-and-beyond

*Please note that I have released multiple open access practices related to each of these topics, many brand new ones this week. I invite you to check those out, too! They are high quality and ready for application. These practices build on and extend what is introduced in these ones. If you have found yourself wanting to learn more, these pieces are great places to start.*

I also welcome community members who have contributed to my ongoing creation through donation to feel free to reach out and request access to any of these programs (aside from Caretakers of the Earth) and/or to get a discount on registration matching their contribution. I am so happy to help those who help me. Please email me directly to set things up.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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