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Wake up feeling like a pancake? Or perhaps as though you ran a marathon in your sleep?

Wake up feeling like a pancake? Or perhaps as though you ran a marathon in your sleep?

I know that many people are feeling huge variations of experience in their bodies/souls/emotions this week. Whether we are in day one of our shifting process or many years in, the strength, bredth, and intensity of the spectrum we are now experiencing within each day is growing. Which means most (maybe all) of us feel it!


Well. As usual, multiple things at once. We are integrating purified cosmic codes and simultaneously shifing harmonics. This same process I (and other writers) have been sharing about is continuing on. We are making (another) major harmonic adjustment that is being experienced as a big huge 'sift'. This 'sift' is something of a gateway mechanism that each of us has created for ourselves. This is something new in that we are not reconnecting to the karmic patterning that was once repeated or revisited or worked through in seasons as we would have in times past. Why is this changing? As part of our graduation through the last epoch (great job, friends), we have been able to leverage more freedom in our paths. The wheel of karma is dissolving. Choice points, reviews, and holding the faith of our new realities is part of this. Click here for more on that: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/2020-walking-to-freedom-blueprint-purification-and-cygnus-na-site-update-included.

We are also working through upgrading our connections to cosimc components. Those of us who are starseeds/have connections to the cosmos as part of our make up are engage in a process of purification. We are shifting out/dissolving/upgrading very difficult pieces of what our galactic history/experiences have been. Remember: Many of us came here and experienced duress, created it, and/or were involved in helping to take our universe into this harmonic and conflation. A lot happened to get here. A lot happened when we got here. A lot has to be brought forward to be cleared. In terms of the harmonics. This is a huge piece of what people are feeling the physical experiences about. We are shifting pole star orientation, we are aligning different pathways of travel, and we have opened up communication. We have strengthened our ability to act as conduits of energy and as a result, the planet is tuning and being tuned 'up'. Quickly. We are moving into alignment with a new set of pyramids (that are actually very 'old'). It has been really wonderful synching up with other Canadian and American sites, this season.

Other points of highlight that we have been feeling have been a huge shifting in Russia. Major light ups in France and the Netherlends. The journeys I went on (and shared with you/that you supported me going on) over the past few years are telling a whole new story as these layers shift. I love how that works. The primary point of my excitement at this moment rests in a big old grid of love emerging/sparking up throughout North America and extending down to parts of Mexico, Brazil, and Barbados. BIG LOVE to the many hearts and much focused intent put into this.


INTEGRATION ALIGNMENT SESSION: I am hosting an integration/upgrade focused group energy alignment and information session on Friday, August 7 at 11 am ADT- 1 pm ADT.

The form of the session will be approximatley 30 minute 'information' focus. The remainder will be an energy alignment activity (created/facilitated by me), and then an opportunity for questions and communication.

INFORMATION FOCUS: We will be speaking about the emotional integration/upgrading many of us are experiencing (so for example, why we are feeling such a huge range of feelings and their intensity) as well as the cosmic aspects of how we are tuning in to our solar system/universe/soul selves. Friday, August 7 at 11 am - 1 pm ADT. It will take place on zoom.us. There will be a replay of the entire event (minus public questions) made available through this link. ACCESS: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/august-energy-alignment-info-session

(Please note that there is an option to join IndiCrow Community on the checkout page.)


One of the hallmarks of the form of energy alignment/personal connection that I created and share with you here is based on the concept of aligning harmonics and calibrating ourselves/energy bodies to the crystalline core of earth as it shifts on an ongoing basis. As part of my work with our community, I have been releasing open access videos and meditations to spark your growth (like in the post linked above). I also released a book called 'Connecting In' and spearheaded a community education campaign that brought together thousands.

As part of my ongoing dedication to our community, I am in the process of preparing another group effort. You may have read a post last week where I said I was going to do a basic planet/grid class. You know what? I decided to make it public access. The material will be based in my career as an anthropologist and gatemaster, all ages friendly, and a fuse of 'traditional', 'canonical', and 'intuitive' information. With so many more people starting to care about the planet and a whole bunch joining the homeschool movement, it feels right to just do this, and do it well. The first video of the project will be rolled out within the next week. Follow my FB page "IndiCrow Energetics', subscribe to my blog email list, or join IndiCrow Community to stay in the flow with our new videos.

On that note. I lovingly receive gifts/donations in support or thanks of my ongoing public programming to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow. Five dollars is not an inuslt.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow www.indicrowenergetics.com


www.indicrowcommunity.com (the front end is an open access library that I am building for us)

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