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Vulnerablity, Systems, and Soul Sharding

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Purifying Systemic Connections in Support of those Interacting With/Powering Them as Part of Their Truth/Journey

This is a personal story and it then moves to a broad, collective point that is aimed at supporting people finding compassionate and loving interactions with systems. A lot of truth tellers are about to come out and are doing so, now. They are coming into walls of old energy. That kind that was built on soul shattering moments. The best way that I can do this is to share one of my own and then build the link.

Vulnerablity, Systems, and Soul Sharding

When my father was in hospital, I sat alone in the waiting room of an emergency ward.

He was being airlifted. Fortunately, from my home province to the city I currently live in. I was the first to arrive at the hospital. Even before him.

When I arrived, I called the reception desk behind the big doors and was put on with a nurse who had questions. The first being,

"Where was he when the accident happened?"

My father was hit by a dumptruck at work. He was the kind of guy who drove machines for a couple of people, the government and private. I knew answering that question accurately would be important for legal documentation.

My answer was to say which of the two jobs I thought he was at. Then began to speak about arranging to get the proper information for their files.

The nurse, laughing, responded to say,

"No, no, no. That is alright. We just were curious in here about how that could have possibly happened on a Saturday."

Meaning most of the time, dumptrucks do not run on Saturday. (On PEI, they do.)

KEY POINT: That moment shattered me a little bit. That laugh was perhaps one of the worst things I ever heard. I was alone. My father was hit by a dumptruck. I am arriving and hoping for some form of update and this is what I got. It was brutal.

(Before moving on. I want to say the medical staff who worked with my father were magnificent. They treated my mother incredibly. I actually liked the nurse who made this laugh remark when I came to see the face behind the voice. When she saw his condition and met me, she was sorry and I knew it. I forgive her, which is why I can share this story and example.)


I am sharing this today because this type of painful interaction demonstrates the type of energy that can distort systems. Even an awesome nurse who was helping keep my father alive was able to create this trauma. Though that nurse neveer meant to do something that would hurt a soul, it did split me. Fortunately, I knew all of what I am saying here and have the tools to heal myself. So, I am ok.

Remember: Systems have life and trajectory. They are the sum of their energetic parts. That includes how they were built and their history. Like with the earth grid, it also includes how people feel when they interact with or in it.

Practitioners like doctors, lawyers, nurses, and care workers sometimes must normalize really painful things to survive them on a day to day basis. (Sort of like many of us did with our trauma points in creation work with the planet, thus so much karma unpacking and inner pain healing this lifetime.) This practice can result in a certain coldness, the taking on of sterile language. Objective everything. The emotional components and wellbeing of self and others often sacrificed.

We see the same pattern unfolding in the criminal justice and welfare systems when it comes to reporting. This is the 'link' between where this personal example helps us understand clouding.


I know that many people reading this can identify with what I am writing. Perhaps you had these soul shard moments, too. Perhaps as someone reaching out for help or seeking support. I know this type of mistreatment happens a lot because I research systemic engagement as part of my creation and purification work, I studied it as an anthropologist, and I have experienced it myself. Multiple occassions.

These types of interactions create systemic low density buildup. They colour the trajectory and tone of working groups based in a locale, but also whole entire threads of systems. They build walls. Energetic and sometimes, very real.

These types of interactions are why people are afraid to ask for help. They are what people meet when they report specific crimes like lower class/non white child welfare related issues in North America, human trafficking, and child assault. Take example from USA gymnastics and Gabriel Hernendez, Cosby, Epstein, Weinstein, and the list goes on.

Right now and in the coming weeks, months, years, many people will be telling the truth and seeking support as the lids blow off what is happening beneath the ever thinning veil. In fact, these parts of the old system being fully dismantled and portrayed for what it is depends on it.

One of the big parts of the veil on the system is this cloud of interactions that I am writing about. Those types of painful moments, reapeated at huge strain and variation, most definitely influence the path/tone/character that often gets to speak

When it comes to reporting/supporting reports of incidents like child endangerment, sexual assault, and rape, a similar and even more powerful wall is met than the one I shared about. That cloud is so thick, I had to share a more 'acceptaptable or understandable example and then once we had understood the energy, expressed the conceptual link for application. Our brains just shut down over it. That is programming! (Thank you for reading and caring).


Breathing deeply give yourself a few moments to get into focused practice.

Connecting to the cystalline corse of earth, align yourself with source.

Call in a big wave of purification energy. (Perhaps envision a dove flying to you, or a white sparkly wave weaving in and through you)

Envision this wave helping to bring peace and alignment to any moments like this in your life (lives) where your soul got hurt or torn.

Once you have stabilized, enviosn yourself connecting to the energy centers we have built to support systemic purification. You could also connect 'local' by envisioning a courthouse, a hosptial, your workplace if you work in these scenarios.

Bring this white wave of purification aenergy into these spaces. Intend for it to transfigure and purify the energy of relations.

Intend that people asking for help and telling he truth meet with care, compassion, and understanding when it is their time.

Envision a big energetic wall being dissolved brick by brick, with people who were once rendered invisible seeing one another clearly. (I take the famous image of the Berlin wall coming down and happy people reaching to one another, for inspiration.)

Also please join me in sending some loving support to the reality being paved by awesome social workers, law enfocement agents, doctors, judges, and care workers who are already living this compassionate form of reality and expeirence. I know it because I see you, feel you, and work with several of you in practice. (Yes, that is right. We have 'our' people in these systems and they are bringing the light.)

Building on that, please join in calling forth the energy of purified judicial process. (More on that in a separate post)

When you have completed the practice, give yourself another big wave of purification energy and intend to leave any threads picked up in your auric field without consent are released and purified.

Please feel invited to repeat this practice in the coming days, weeks, months.

NOTE: Please also enjoy this image. It was recorded while rocking some Pink Floyd with my father from the astrals, the other day. He was involved in the system as a guard at a youth jail (called 'young offenders' in our household), took people who were rehabilitating into public life in 1:1, supported multiple families in emergency response sitatuations that I will not recount here. My father was someone who worked in the system to make it better, and he touched a lot of souls in very powerful ways because he did. He was with people in their worst moments and as a child growing up, I saw how much he genuinely loved and cared for the people he interacted with. 'Criminals' included. I know he was that kind face for a lot of souls and I am proud and happy to share that now. (As you can tell from this story, my father had a lot of jobs. Randy of all trades. As his retirement he continued to operate heavy equipment full time because it was his passion.) My father knew about the system, inside and out. He works with us diligently to support clearing the path and grounding the high vibrational realtiy. This energy moment, it is a big part of what we were focused on.

Thank you so much for caring. Thank you for coming on this journey with me in the post.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Want to support in other ways? Click here for another practice: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/calling-forth-and-grounding-in-joy-peace-love-freedom-and-hope-for-children

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