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Voices of Healing: Self Check. Which voice are you hearing?

Happen to be hearing what sounds like pain voices floating around? That might be phrases like, "Nobody cares", "Why bother", "Give up" related to something you REALLY

care about or are working on?

Many people are.

Why does this happen?

Right now, we are going through EXTREME healing on this planet. The hum of our resonance is raising daily. The poles keep moving. Our environments are charged with ions. Yes, this has been going on for years. As of Sunday, we have transitioned into a very different capacity set for the planet and its development. Earth is back at human healing capacity in a way she has not been for a long time.

I can literally feel remaining thoughts or outdated information coming out of my energetic memory stores. (Check in for my next Crow Medicine update to hear more on that.)

A MOMENT OF SELF CHECK Sometimes we are trained to think that when we hear something unpleasant, it is something else trying to 'harm us' or 'keep us down'. Others, we believe that 'if we feel it we must heal it'. (Now we add to the list 'is this just energy wafting out of my cells as I naturally transition?) How we perceive something in our energy fields or 'happening to us' determines how we handle it. In the case of feeling the thoughts are external or being motivated by a 'hater' or 'controller', we go into processes. With the 'controller or 'hater' interpretation (this is a psychic attack, this is someone trying to hurt me), some may go to a defensive or resistant position. In the case of feeling like it is something coming 'up' for us to recognize, we may go into a deep wound healing exercise.

What if there is no wound left? What if this is just energy being released as the planet hums ever higher and our mother heals us? Trust me when I say: SOMETIMES, IT IS. I can feel the old thoughts just flying out and I have to keep reminding myself that, "'THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT IS MEANT TO BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW." So how do you know? Talk to your soul. If you have trained with me, you know how to do that. Do your alignment/harmonization practice and TALK to you. Listen. Your soul knows exactly what is going on with you and what to do. If you trained with me ever since the Academy opened, this self communication method has been part of what you learned. It is the first thing I teach. Not sure how to talk to your soul? Well, friends. I humbly offer you 'Soul Compass'.

WHAT IS SOUL COMPASS I wrote a new book and training program and Called it Soul Compass because it teaches us how to get cozy with our soul. To hear and to heal it. It is a great place to start going deeper to you and/or the only place to start training in my school 🙂. Soul Compass also happens to have the very method that I work with and guide you through for soul healing written out. So go ahead and get into it if you have been wanting to sharpen up your practice as well. It is unique in its content and delivery. Check it out here at: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/books/. The first part of the book, we work with getting to know the personality of your soul. Highly applicable.

A note on registration:

You will notice this training program and book costs $111 usd. I can feel some complaining about that request psychically as people come to the book. I say this to you:

Going through this book is like having multiples sessions with me. It is also the condensed, friendly, plain language, accessible to everyone version of what I have spent thousands of years developing. Remember I used to teach courses and they were all about $333? Well. What you get in here is what you would have been having during these experiences into a unique learning experience that is going to enrich your life forever. The tools you learn here will help you heal your soul for the rest of your life. They are the ones that I cultivated to heal myself. They are there for you to work with to heal yourself with for your lifetime. If you feel my request of $111 is 'too much' for that, it is a sign you are not really grasping the magnitude of what you get in this book. Which is fine with me. I say this now to shift out that shady energy. I have always been conscious of cost because I lived in poverty most of my awakened life. Our community knows this. We remember it today and always.

Personal Update I am in the process of my final day working with other people before a 2 month sojourn to focus extensively on the planet. This includes a journey through a huge harmonization zone that has been calling me for years!! After so much studying and training it is exciting to get to go.

It feels exciting to stand on this precipice.

We will be working with the trees and cicadas here on this page and I will be conducting the global gatherings we know and love. There will also be music related focus, because Crow Medicine is a powerful way to unite us. Head to (www.crowmedicinemedia.com to check out the 6 posted instalments.)

(Lilacs. An image recorded on a sacred caretaking walk earlier in the week.)




Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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