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Visions of a Great Awakening

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Many years ago I had a vision that the world would be amazed by a beautiful event. Something big and pretty in the sky that would be peaceful and filled with beauty.

Back in these times, there was a lot of talk that we would have ETS coming rolling in on spaceships sparking the 'disclosure', which would then push forward the 'crumbling' of control regimes. I bought into that for a while. I even wrote about it. Participated. (We know that I have these interactions regularly. Was even practicing what it would be like with certain types of energy expressions should we choose that pathway.)

As we got further into that potential, it got dominated. Certain people and beings who had not the most peaceful of intentions became the spearheads of it. You could feel the energy of war. Fear. Of people being scared. I felt that instead of moving into the heart space of the truth of humanity as being the sparks of the universe, we would be brought into yet another war narrative.

So I stepped back.

(The planet did, too. That narrative began to dissolve as of January 2019 and continues to do so now. Thankfully. We have avoided that. Largely by choosing intergalactic peace on December 12, 2018. THANKS TO ALL WHO WERE PART OF THAT CEREMONY SERIES AND ALL THE CONTINUED CALLS TO AND ACTS OF PEACE THAT HAVE COME TO CREATE THIS PATH.)

Welcoming a New Dream

In the space of that silence, a new potential about this planet came through. In it, people still recognized that they were part of the universal majesty. This vision came through in the form of a dream. In that dream the sky turned to rainbows. All the people would be home. Televisions and the internet would not be working. We would have nothing to do but to focus on one another and the sky. That we would be given the opportunity to really focus on nature. That the pollution would stop. That the earth and cosmos would be able to speak. That we, all of humanity, would listen. We would see. We would hear. We would have our hearts opened to the truth.

As I sit in my space this morning reflecting, I was brought back to the vision. We have the solar energy currently fluxing through our bodies. These are creating ocular adjustments *feel those itchy eyes* which are also themselves connected to heart/head/gut which, as I explained yesterday, overlay the major energy centers of third eye, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. (More on that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q49NW07iTzk.)

We have Jupiter and Saturn walking toward one another in the sky. Due to intersect and form what appears to be one star on December 21. We have had one eclipse and are on our way to another.

At the same time, a lot of us are moving into being on LD, with less physical movement being permitted in certain forms of spaces. We have huge political crumblings in the process of occurring. We also have had a massive year of personal and social introspection as a species because of being 'on LD'. Many, many people have spoken about how much they have loved getting to explore nature. To become appreciative of trees and birds. To just be.


Is this dream scenario the 'flip' into the higher harmonic we are experiencing?

Is this the 'great awakening'?

Are we actually already getting to experience it through the wonder of our soul expansion?

Is it already visible in the increased spectrum around us outside and the HUGE string of solar events we are currently in the midst of?

Will we be able to support our planet and freedom better when we realize the strength and depth of what being human truly means? *This includes being confident enough to stand for the standards we believe in. These next two years, we have a lot of systemic shifting to do. We know this.*

I BELIEVE: YES! It is. Is has been. It will continue to be!

Almost like this huge set of solar events is the Universal way of saying, "We love you Earth. We got your back."



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