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Video: Self Care, Dream Work and Soul Healing

Updated: Jan 27

This video is a heartfelt message on seeing peace and meaning in our healing process...and why it sometimes feels more like 'unhealing' right now. Beginning with a quick overview on our current moment of BIG SHIFT, I quickly bring this conversation into the soul freedom. My favourite topic.

- Alignment and harmonization exercise we are able to work with at any moment in our lives to get and stay grounded.

- Why many people feel intensity right now and a loving message encouraging us to keep going!

- Veil shifts on self healing moments.

-Veil shifts on the ways we understand our relationships and the planet.

-Strange dreams including ones that are sexual or bring up people or circumstances from our past. Tools you are able to work with to keep yourself safe in dreams.

- Moments that feel like destruction indicating spaces for karma clearing and/or recognizing how we have been healing our karma throughout our lives. I share some personal reflections on junior high Katie. -

-Why healing can feel like un-healing and how we are able to stabilize in our growth process.

- Ways to stimulate our energy to shift trauma as we heal it.

As always, I share tools and stories to help us relate and grow.

At the end of the broadcast, I make a special announcement!!! Soul Compass is live now as a self study option!! I also have some spaces for students to come join the tutorial version of Soul Compass. Check the video at 35 minutes in to hear some more information about it!!! To register for Soul Compass: Email katieindicrow@gmail.com! Let me know if you are writing about self study or with tutorials!


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