• Katie IndiCrow

Upgrading the Divine Masculine Template

We have been rewiring a certain part of the masculine energy frequency communication pattern all day. This has been a deep one. I thank my brothers who have been working with me every second of the way. I admire your strength and I happy cried a little about how it feels to work with you in this now.

My afternoon has been filled with visions of ripped out tongues and smashed skulls and intentional manipulation through certain acts of torture and energy. I have been working on rebuilding the blueprint to masculine energy frequency to repair these wounds. I love that part of all of us, but most especially the ones who were held against their wills. Hurt. Mostly killed. That was not pleasant and I see you. I feel you. We know it happened. We are doing all we can to balance that.

I have also spent a lot of time these past hours with the collective speaking about the whole idea that you have let the 'feminine' down. You did not. You are loved. You matter. You are welcomed to speak. To feel. To BE.

Divine masculine rising. I love and honour you. Even before you got to this point. It is time to see the beauty of your souls and to welcome yourself into guilt free relations of friendship, love, and creation.

The best thing we can all do to help move past this is to speak to one another in love. To hear with peace. To know that we were intentionally brought into that opposition and it is only through understanding that we bridge that piece.

Men and divine masculine energy holders of all frequencies: You are wonderful. I see you. Thank you for what you are doing.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Thankyou to the community members providing ongoing support of all kinds. I appreciate you.

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