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Hey, friends

Below is the summary of an EXCELLENT video that I recorded as part of the creative content for my patreon community. As you can tell, this is some in depth and complex yet super accessible, relevant to this now material. Delivering it here in patreon off the major servers gives me the opportunity to be real, have some fun with our members, and get a little bit of remuneration in thanks for what I create. (Thank you to the people already in there making it great.)

Like the sounds of this? We welcome people who are up to learn and grow (no pressure) and who are ready to have some fun with energy. If you have been loving my work and seeking a low cost way to support me as well as invest in your learning, we may be a match!!


-Discussion of group schedule and transparency on my creative process and scheduling.

-New moon energy bringing the big clarity!

-The dance of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn (relating it to how we feel these planets showing up in our lives). We are getting an excellent opportunity to see what is going on in the ways we are communicating with self and others. This is important because that self talk is an important part of our path to hearing ourselves.

-How we are seeing so many inconsistencies in our society because the planets and their dance are doing exactly their job. The process of knowledge formation and what gets called truth in canon gets discussed here. This part of the material, and in fact, much of what is discussed here is suitable for people to include in their homeschooling materials. There is a good discussion about knowledge and media that is there to be had. Please also note if you like this idea, I am about to open up 'Asking Questions' for family learning. Email me or check my blog for 'asking questions' for more on that (not turning this to an advertisement). Note that this is a bipartisan discussion. We do not favour candidates or have those discussions in this group. We stick to mechanics of energy and observation. That peaceful approach is serving us well.

-The acceleration of the spin of the earth and how that relates to purification of our energy systems (body, soul and planet).

- Hearing our bodies to know what they are requiring for healing!

If you would like to get involved, head on over to patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow !

A reminder that members must come with peace, love, and respect for me and the other members in their hearts upon joining. Malicious energy and piggy backing receives a loving boundary. I moderate the energy of this space to keep it cozy and kid friendly. (We do have children at some but not all of our events. Sometimes they come and go, other times they ask questions and participate. For a lot of our parents, the gatherings are their 'me' time! Your family is welcomed as well. Please note that no children are ever recorded and their safety is paramount.)


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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