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Congratulations! Another Milestone Series Reached

Congratulations! Feel that freshness? Another Milestone!

Gatekeepers. People. Everyone. Hold your boundaries with calm firm stance. There has been yet another significant phase completed in our freedom journey and harmonic switch.

Today/tomorrow many celebrate Imbolc!!! You may feel the freshness of today. This builds on our momentum!!! Source and Creator have been returned to freedom. Our Universe has moved to a higher harmonic. We have a huge ripple of purification and activation rippling throughout the collectives. Life is very good. Some are in a stage of letting all go. This can be daunting. It ultimately represents birthing a whole new reality.

Technical note: There are beings once connected to power structures now out. Some are seeking to agitate as a way to get back in. Think loud neighbor that takes your parking spot type of energy.

This is dissolving energy.

Stay in love. Stay in peace. Remain focused. Do not take your hand off the steering wheel to swat. Trust the airflow will suck it out.

Click here for more on our recent milestones:

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Universal Order Restoration and Harmonic Upgrade in Progress: https://youtu.be/DX5IbNqVo70

From yesterday: Feel that Sudden Shift! https://youtu.be/QwmFMZ3TL1s

Image recorded and provided by Patty Hafele Sillitto.


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