Unplugging from the Archon Grid/Old Matrix: Energetic Autonomy and Soul Alignment Session

Unplugging from the Archon Grid/Old Matrix: Energetic Autonomy and Soul Alignment Session

Friends, I know a lot of people have been resonating with the purification and energetic autonomy material that I have been releasing over the months. This week, I am co-creating a very special procedure series with friend Iris Adema. I am writing today to invite four more participants to join us.

This session is exactly what it sounds like. It is our offering to support energetic freedom and autonomy for those who are requiring support unpinning and unplugging from the old system. This includes to do with calling forth and severing outdated soul contracts, dissolving slave programming, taking out internal programming, removing mind control technology. Basically, we are ready to help you release things in your field that are holding you back.

This program includes a preparation package. The field for the procedure will be open for seven days. The package includes a welcome and main alignment activity (you may tune into it at any time on Wednesday that you want. We would love to have you there live at 10 am AST with us, but we recognize some people will be at work). It will also include multiple pieces of light activation and personal use tools to support grounding and embodying these upgrades in your life!

The package also comes with a 30 minute integration session to be scheduled on 'clinic days' (we will be sure to be available to you).

This is a multiple day procedure series. As you can understand, this type of work is in depth. It requires a great deal of skill as well as a lot of our personal, 1:1 attention. It also requires participants are diligent in preparation, observing the processes that we set up, and in their own aftercare. We are ready and able to do this and we call forth 8 participants. We are requesting $444 your currency for participation in this very special procedure. To indicate interest, please contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. If we are a good fit, you will be welcomed!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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