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A Story of Source and Creator: How this Universe was Born

Updated: Jan 27

Hello, friends!

As many of us feel, this planet and the Universe we are part of are experiencing a beautiful transformation.

Ever find yourself wondering:How did this Universe become 'a place'? Or how about where did we come from? How did it become inhabited? What was this journey to freedom all about? How is this new epoch different than what came before? How is life in this Universe and on this planet in particular, special? What is so significant about it?

This series is all about telling the story of our Universe and answering just these questions.

In the first installment of this telling, I begin with a conversation about how this Universe was created. Beginning with the concept of our positioning in the multiverse, I introduce two of our main characters: Creator and Source. The birthing point and battery cell that made this Universe possible (and whom continue to care for it).

Themes covered in this galactic telling include:

The multiverse and where this Universe we call home fits within it.

The birth of this Universe as a place of peace.

How this Univeres was parented: enter Source and Creator.

The heart of our Universe and how each of us is directly connected to it. (Hint: This is also through our soul spark.)

What happened to create the last epoch, though which we experienced the power over/control narrative.

The incredible celebration of Source and Creator to Freedom (and what this means for all of us).

How each of us is able to support restoring proper order in this Universe by honouring our connection with Creator and Source.

Click here for the video recording. It is rich in new material. I encourage those keen to learn more about our story to give it a listen. (Please note that I accidentally hit the 18 plus button uploading...if you are asked to 'login' to view, that is why. My own finger slip that I am working to fix. Laugh with me.)


Feeling inpsired to help mainatin this balance and to caretake on this planet? I make mention of the opportunity to come train with me for those who are ready to do so responsibly. The sacred connection is one that I share with humble hearts learning and practicing in pure intent. You may email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to request Soul Compass, which is part 1!

Love this new material? Remember to subscribe to my youtube page (IndiCrow Energetics) and the mailing list for this blog. Read back through my recent posts and enjoy the videos! I have been creating this new epoch material since just before Grand Conjunction!


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else

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