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The Power of Ceremony: Aligning Energy and Intention for Soul Growth

Love my videos and pictures that I share through instagram? See that palpable joy and feel curious about what I am doing?

It is almost always some form of ceremony. Dedicated to me, the planet, the universe. I find these moments of intentionally bringing in sound, energy, and elements as the fabric of my creation is one of the most wonderful parts of life on this planet.

Guess what?

We are all able to do it.

Ready to up (or build) your personal dedication game?

I have a brand new learning experience opening up on September 30 at 10 am adt!! As the title suggests, it is all about working with the power and joy of ceremony to support soul growth. (This practice is also a prerequesite to being welcomed into intermediate/advanced training on cosmic harmonization and planetary caretaking that will be coming up leading into December.)

What will we cover in this part?

Why we do ceremony and the various ways that we can work with this art to support our own soul growth.

Working with implements like crystals, feathers, and our environments (yes, we will include andaras).

Creating sacred engagement zones for personal growth.

You will learn how to: Work with sacred practice to call forth energy into your field

Setting a dedication with yourself to diligently connect to what is being called for in ceremony

A recommendation of a basic ceremony that you can work with as part of your development/connection to this sacred craft.

The material is designed to support you through the design/prepration, implementation, and follow up parts of ceremony! The experience does have a live call kick off that is happening on Wednesday at 10 am adt. Please note that people not there live are not 'missing' anything. I decided instead of recording to an invisible collective that I would bring us together for some laughs and chats.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are seeking more insight into how we move into cosmic flow in our lives. This is also highly poignant timing. Personal dedication and ceremony is a key way to maximize our gateway trajectories (and we have that transition to 2021 upcoming!!! Now is a great time to begin preparing). What we learn how to do with our selves in this session will be expanded upon in subseequent learning sessions that this will serve as a building block for. This is a new core material. As with my other core bits, I make it affordable and accessible. To be among the first to register, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/the-power-of-ceremony-aligning-energy-and-intention-for-soul-growth

(are you a member of IndiCrow Community? You get the basic personal ceremony information session that we kick off with as part of your tuition. There are other parts of this offering that will not be included in your access. Speak to me if you would like to get this full package. Our focus for the month is ceremonial. We will be working with supporting animals and ancestors at other points of our gatherings as well. This builds on our caretaking for the planet theme that we began last month.)

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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