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The Power in Parks

Public parks are battery cells of our communities and cities. They have trees, flowers, various forms of grasses, birds, chipmunks, and all kinds of animal and plant life. We are able to walk through them on our way to a meeting or home from work. For people who work a corporate schedule, busy students, and people who live in care homes, parks like this and what go on in them are main venues of outdoor experiences.

Join me for one minute of bliss as I walk through a long time treasured part of Hali-life. The tree at the opening is the one who taught me how to hear them speak. I was here charging it during the solar influx (as you can see).

Cities are spaces of life. Hope. Production. Creation. When we take care of their energy structures, we elevate the energy that is the playing ground for thousands and sometimes, millions. We must care for them, too.

I love the little city I call home (in Canada), Halifax. A city of the dead and an opening to the otherworlds. Lighthouse of hope, and the first land many weary travelers leaving Europe in hope of something better would touch. Unceded Mi'kmaq territory and precious hunting land. Taking care of the energy in this city is a part of my work as a Gatekeeper. I do it in honour and respect of those who came before, in love for those with whom I share it now, and those to still to arrive. I also do it to better myself.

Side note: Tuning this region to the cosmos has been a huge component of my mastery journey. I had a lot of unresolved business. So many threads of my tribes, soul groups, and personal karma lined up here. (It has kicked my butt a few times. Now, we make love.)

What do you love about where you live? How do you care for your homespaces?

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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