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The Next Phase of Community

Hello, friends!

I have been finding myself wanting more close, regular interaction with a larger group of our community. It has been a long 'year' for so many of us. The sharing, learning, laughing, loving, and togetherness that we experience is really imporant to me. I know it means a lot to many of you as well.

I also find myself wanting to talk about things of an extended scope and in a different, more relaxed fashion than I do here in our FB engagements. Of course, I will always be me and the grids, kids, advanced metaphysics and our expanding universe and planet are always going to be up for chatting about. At this point, I want to be more me and to begin getting into more topics, like research ethics, pop culture (and how we see the change happening there), ways to apply energy in dynamic fashion, music, animals, crystals, and getting to know one another.

I have a dream to have weekly calls that people can drop into, ongoing education groups (including the ones I already have happening including the womb study/sisters of the moon work, and the youth education project), and creating a fun and interactive space for us to come hang out in for years to come. I am inspired to elaborate on this with a community gridwork education program (ready to start that in the next week), as well as a new project called 'The Basics' which is an all ages appropriate initiative sharing the bottom line, absolutely what we must need to know tools/information on how to take care of our soul and energy body.


A big part of the vision is that I value safe and inclusive spaces. Sometimes, the digital worlds we find ourselves in have agents of intentional destruction in them. They are also public, which can make some people feel weary about transparent participation. People of all ages require digital and public spaces that welcome them to be who they are, without fear of being stalked, harassed, or otherwise digitally followed/bullied.

In order to support this growth and to do it in a place that feels good for us, I built an online community sharing space. Yes, I built an online sharing space!!! WHAT IS IT LIKE: It has a group that operates just like a FB group and a forum that links to what is becoming (and will continue to grow into) a resource library filled with our best bits. It is LGBTQ+ friendly. It is music loving. There are practices and opportunities to learn. It is being populated with resource lists (with me sharing ones relevent to where we are in asension), yoga practices, crystal chat, and most excitingly, I am preparing to host us a once monthly dance party with a live dj. There will be impromptu pop up calls, and I am aiming for bi-weekly community gatherings (at different time zones), where people are able to show up and share the chats/receive guidance/supported energy activities from me.

THE FORM IT WILL TAKE IS SOMETHING TOGETHER, WE WILL CREATE: This forum will grow in accordance with its community. Our questions, comments, interests, and sharing are a huge cornerstone of this.

ALSO: People who are registered for the forum will be welcomed into study programs at a discount. Those joining education programs like Soul Care will be welcomed into the forum as part of their tuition.


The forum is ready for converation/questions/sharing. It is ready for new participants. So far, I have been welcoming people who are part of/ready to participate in ongoing learning programs. I am ready to welcome more people feeling sparked by the idea. Are you one of them?


What are we focusing on this month? Working with Energy to Support Our World! I am taking a two pronged approach to the forum stream, over the next four weeks or so. This is all about how we work with energy to support the planet.

PRE-LOADED LEARNING MATERIAL: Energy Activism: This is a workshop I hosted about two months ago. It is all about how we are able to work with focused intent to support high vibrational trajectory pathways of action, resolution, and support.

NEXT WEEK: Connecting In: Getting to Know Our Planetary Grids

This is going to be an all ages suitable material based on my book "Connecting In: Powering Up Ourselves and the Grids" whose purpose is to share about the history of the planet, the grids, and what we are doing in this amazing time of change. This will include historical information that we find in canonical education as well as some of the new information about our elaborated gridsystem.

*I will be hosting a youth/family component of this where our youn friends/family are able to have their own call/question/practice time. I will also host one for our 18+ community members (whose conversation/form will take different depth and focus). (I am also starting an offering of Soul Care on August 7, which is in addition to this and a separate topic.)

Registration: $44-66 cad for a 'general' registration package which brings you into the community calls, group chat room, and forum.

$111-$155 for inclusion into the learning package/if I am holding space for multiple people from the same household as part of our learning journey together.

WHY am I asking registration? To cover web hosting costs, support the time/effort spent developing new educational content (that you will get access to), call hosting, and to eventually get a paid site support person in the mix.

If you are unable to cover registration but would like to get involved, please do not be afraid to ask. I frequently welcome people into programs as my guest. Would you like to get involved? Please email me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com and we will get you started! I am doing it this way to make sure that we are keeping our members list high vibe and filled with friends, community members, and co-creators.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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