• Katie IndiCrow

The End of an Epoch: Journey to Divine Integration

Greetings, friends!

In this video, I share parts of the journey to divine integration as I have experienced them in my life and travels on this planet. Beginning with the significant historical moment of March Equinox, 2017, I bring us through the journey of receiving the planetary go-ahead to activate the divine feminine energy in preparation for full integration!!

Beginning in June, 2017, I began what would be a two plus year cycle of coming into alignment with many threads of divine feminine awakening. As part of this, so too did I encounter moments like how the responsibility to protect/shelter the truth of the awakened dna spectrum became distorted, and the various ways that jealousy and fear were used as points through which to attempt to maintain the planet in its lower vibrational status. The masculine energy holders that were connected to at the time of Petra and many of the things that occurred subsequently are in the process of being aligned in this now.

This is a piece of galactic history that covers several overlays. I encourage you to refer to the multiple videos and articles posted throughout those pathways here and on my website www.indicrowenergetics.com. I have been faithfully chronicalling them for us over the years.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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