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Supporting our Elemental and Animal Companions

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hey, friends!

A little note to invite us all to take a moment and extend thanks to the elemental beings and animal spirits who are with us extending much needed love as we move through our life stages and processes.

So many of us have benefitted from the loving reassurance of unicorns, the energy transfiguration mastery of dragons, being guarded by a sasquatch, and the real life snuggles and messages from the animals who choose to live with us. They journey with us on our path, seadfastly holding us in moments where we feel unsure, sad, and fear. They guard us in the realms, ensuring that children sleep peacefully. They help us remember and maintain our vulnerability. They show us how to love ourselves and others through deep inner wounds.

Aside from food, exercise, and washroom (if they are in this dimension), these beloved friends ask for little else.


As we move into our next reality shift, it feels important to remind us all to welcome gratitude for animal and elemental friends in our lives and on this planet. Their souls, like ours, get tired.

As we expand paradigms, working with concepts like honouring an animal and/or recognizing the contributions that they make in our lives is important. (Thanks to the Indigenous persons of various traditions for first making me aware of this practice.) As a dragon being, I attest that we do not often receive thanks. A similar sentiment echoes throughout the unicorn realms. Often, in previous versions of elemental and animal work (in the pop culture spiritual community) we are taught to call on these beings to support us. We are not so often taught about how we are able to support them (us) and pay honour and thanks for the contributions they/we are making! After all, these beings are choosing to answer your/our calls! Their (our) needs, autonomy, and what we can do to support them (us) is a conversation we are ready to move into!


Call on a dragon, unicorn, or animal totem frequently? Perhaps do so once again with the sole purpose of tell them that you appreciate them. Thank them for what they have meant to you on your journey.

Get a crystal, stuffy, or something special like a water feature for your friend. Elementals love to frolic in elements (as do animals in this realm). They also thrive in crystal connection. The rising frequency and activation of the crystals of the planet is a big part of why we are able to communicate with them so much more clearly!!! Of course they would love a crystal gift or a special candle.

Build a grid with the intention of sending gratitude and appreciation to their soul and their journey. Animals and elementals are the original inhabitants of this planet. They are sacred knowledge bearers. Recognizing and honouring this in them with a grid is a great way to say thank you and also, to begin welcoming a more in depth connection with what they have to teach us!

Get creative!!!

Remember: This is an activity that is great for any time!

They will thank you for thanking them!

(Image affixed is incoming unicorn frequency from a few months, back!)


Want to learn more about supporting the elemental kingdom and what they are up to in their sacred roles for the planet? I have a group information gathering happening, Friday, October 23 at 10 am ADT! Welcoming people to join in!! Registration/access the replay here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/hounouring-animals-elementals

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow




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