Steady As We Go

Steady As We Go

Today has been incredibly bizarre.

Yesterday was, too.

The ripples of energy that come as we are about to make societal breakthroughs can be intense and confusing. It is meant to.

Disclosure. Change. Freedom. To get back and embody what we lost, we show up for ourselves and each other where it is not.

As we continue to shift, much goes on 'behind closed doors', in realms and dimensions we do not see yet are supposed to trust. The situation in USA teaches us much. As above, so below. On one frequency, the fear machines are set to frendzy. As we choose love over the fables, we move out of the fog. What we felt was truth gets flimsy. Entire worlds dissolve.

Unveiling can be a weird thing.

Beyond and within this strange, there is also peace. LOVE. An ever growing tide of people to share it with.

We have officially made it to the moment of truth (which is better described as many moments in rapid succession). How we orient ourselves matters. It is indeed go time. Feel uncomfortable? This is why. Leaning into it is what is in our hearts.

We help ourselves and honour our journey here by being ready and perceptive. Knowing dissolving comes with ripples and that we know how to handle them. Being aware that we knew we came to hold the space of peace as earth expands back to love. These are the moments so many felt they came here for. Some even waited.

Keep this in mind, even and most especially when it gets confusing or feels stark:

Planting seeds of love. Holding the space of peace. Being peace and expressing in love, especially when we feel the external or programmed ripples seems simple yet is extremely profound. Please do NOT allow yourself to be goaded or tricked into turning against those helping community or using your powers to try to influence the turnout of global events. That is an old implode trick.

Stay focused by beginning your day with your vision. Charge up by focusing on what is good about this planet. What you love about being here. If you help care for this planet, from this space find your sacred contribution. This is an all day, every moment kind of deal. Many are 'off work' or home more, again. We are able to fill these hours and our hearts by hearing and answering our soul calling.

Tap into the amazing synchronicity. Nature. People you love. Animals!! Whatever you are able that helps you feel and find love. To remember the beauty of these moments. This is all so magnificent. We are here. It is happening!

Big love to the ground crew. I continue to hold space here in USA. Things are admittedly strange in one layer. Another rapidly expanding one feels increasingly sweet.

(Blog readers: Yes. I came to USA to visit my partner and will be here a while. I was quiet here because I was on the road.)

Written with love and shared in peace,

Katie IndiCrow

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