Stay the Course, Friends. We Are Close

Gatekeepers, gridworkers, psychopomps:

All souls, really.

We are working through some incredibly dense energy.

Many are at a point of considering giving up.

If you feel this way: You are not broken. Your soul is in the frey. There are many who remain isolated, without support, dealing with the dissolving threads of some really nasty stuff.

Recognizing that many in the throws of shifting it are meeting walls. Recognizing many are feeling very tired. Recognizing many are feeling confused.

Reminding all: We cannot give up. Rest, self care, and soul repair is important. Every day, sometimes throughout. Many of us do not really stop. I know this. I remind us that allowing ourselves to get run down in soul and body can have negative impacts on the clarity and vibration with which we approach tasks. What we can handle easily from one harmonic is messy and difficult from another.


For those who might consider this message a sign of weakness or things not going well: It is not. We are doing exactly what we need to do. There are some glorious souls on this planet who have taken on a lot. They are and have been getting it done.

We are also at a point where self care, soul repair, and tools from teams designing them to support us are useful.

This is a message to say:

Gatekeepers, specifically: If you require support: I will hold space. In session feels where most are comfortable. In my heart, I know we are meant to be together, enjoying this and finding strength and courage in an understanding network. As I work to bring that together, I feel the energy seeking to weaken press on the field. The more of us who read it and welcome joyful collaboration based in pure, heart based co-creation, the more we shift that energy. Our collective is carrying density we could easily shift.

Soul Care is important. Particularly when we work in this world or astral realms with coordination, building, and transportation. When we are strong and clear and at our highest harmonics, we know exactly what we are about. What is truth. We are able to bring in happy friendships and collaboration.

We move to create in peace and love.

We leave behind fear.

I believe in us.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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