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Souls, Cells, and Plants

Over the weekend, I hosted a super fun learning experience all about plants, their role in ascension, and how we are able to work with them as a way to expand our energy bodies, be healthy, and support the planet.

We begin with a fun mediation practice all about 'be-ing a plant' which supports our connection to our plant lens, knowledge, and helps us get into the energetic space where we are aligning to activate what we already know/new plant knowledges within ourselve.

We then move into a discussion of how to recognize that plants/your body are communicating to us. This moves beyond the typical conversation to include the ascension function of plants and how they are able to support efficent cell growth (quantum power).

We also include some history on plants and how we are able to use our intuitive research skills/what we are being called to in plants as doorways into our own soul stories. Plant medicines that speak to us are often rooted in our soul history.

This was a powerful and fun workshop. I am pleased to welcome those who were not able to attend the live to get included by working with the replay.

Please note that people registering for this will also get a special 'bonus' gift (a month access to my brand new community space IndiCrow Community which is not even officially launched yet. You can be some of the first people to see my new baby. We can keep on chatting about plants in there, together! I have created the fourm as an ongoing learning space. I am populating it with resources so that it is an easily accessible, private ditigtal interaction hub that we can keep sharing. I also have some fun events like community dance parties and calls upcoming. I feel inspired to build the next phase of our togetherness and warmly welcome you).

Thanks to those who came to the live, that was AWESOME. Thanks to those joining in for the replay. We can continue to conversation in IndiCrow Community!

To access, click here: (also, if paying with cc, just click through to the end screen. Even though the site reads paypal, there is an option. The host company has a misnomer. Hearts up the option is available): https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/souls-cells-and-plants-harmonizing-our-soul-body-relationship-with-plant-connection

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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