Soul Unification and Understanding Session

Greetings, friends!

I am feeling strongly inspired to host a soul alignment and understanding session on Sunday, August 11 at 10 am ADT. I will be hosting this online through zoom (access occurring through IndiCrow Academy).

As we know, many of us are activating and calling forth sacred knowledge. We are coming into touch with soul aspects, focusing on embodiment, and learning about how to bring it all together to function on earth (and beyond). I have been feeling the call to offer some updated training on how people may connect to this process from an empowered and efficient perspective. Thus, the birth of the soul unification community session!

The session will have two main points of focus. For the first 60-75 minutes, I will offer an in depth description of what soul unification is and how we can begin doing it. Speaking about souls and moving through this process is one of my favourite topics. This gathering will include a conversation on the soul fragmentation process, how we are able to bring our pieces back into alignment, and featuring practical information on how we can begin forming a communication path and embodiment experience that is the expression of soul unification.

The second point will be approximately 30 minutes of a soul unification energy exercise that I will lead the group through. This will include me supporting the process of clearing and aligning incoming fragments and/or supporting the receipt or activation of soul pieces that are ready to be awakened in your dna.

Exchange: $44.44-$66.66 CAD (Live participation)

$22.22-$44.44 CAD (replay)

*Please note that I often feel inspired to shut off the camera after the formal group exercise and continue conversing with those in live attendance, providing space for question asking and open conversation that is in more depth. During these moments, we often do guidance that is of personal nature, and therefore not recorded. Because of that, I am happy to release the replay of the session for a reduced rate.*

To register: Please contact me directly at and let me know you would like to take part in it! You may send exchange directly to or, if in Canada, through etransfer to this address.

Registration closes Saturday evening. Please note I will be on extensive site visits for the gateway leading up to this and so be sure to ask any questions regarding access/get registered as early as possible.

I will be sharing the call and its recording through IndiCrow Academy, my online school. Directions regarding access will be sent to registrants.

I HIGHLY recommend this one, friends. Soul unification and communication is incredibly important to our own personal development and embodiment

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#training #soul #unification

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