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  • Katie IndiCrow

Soul/Energy Body Alignment Activity

Hey, friends!

I am hosting a soul/energy body alignment and integration session on Saturday, March 28 at 11 AM ADT.

This was a huge few weeks with kundalini expansions, awakenings, and a whole lot of soul strand activation and fragment return.

This session will be around 60-70 minutes alignment practice. I will be the one facilitating and directing that. There will be a recording of the practice/procedure that you will be able to work along with at home as part of your own practice to keep smoothing, integrating and aligning. Those of you who have been wanting to get a session but are perhaps not able to afford it right now. This is a great option.

We also do some live conversation after the practice and before that can be fun. This is not recorded for privacy.

Due to the in depth nature of this session, I am capping attendance at 20 for the live. I have made it budget friendly. Click here to register!!


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow