Soul Compass: Getting to Know YOUR Unique Soul Essence and Signature

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Hello, friends!

It is with great excitement that I announce my first big learning directive for 2021. A brand new program designed for our new epoch called: SOUL COMPASS.

Yes. Soul Compass.

This offering that is all about hearing your soul and learning to work with it as the guiding compass in your life. This skill is the one that gets us answers, brings us to the places that are best for us, keeps us in AUTONOMY. The concept of soul freedom and guiding our own ship has become something our collectives realize as important. I am so excited to bring us together for this EXCELLENT learning opportunity.

The three main objectives of this offering are:

  1. To enter into sacred conversation with your soul. To learn what your soul sounds like, how to reliably communicate with yourself, and why this is important to your autonomy and freedom.

  2. To learn to work with your soul as your MAIN compass and source of guidance in life.

  3. Techniques to care for and work with your soul to ensure that you feel great and remain in freedom.

The program will be delivered in 3 main phases that are 'themes' for exploration during that particular month. They build upon one another, with the first month beginning the conversation. The second and third, we build upon your skills and ability to hear your soul speak!

Phase 1: Hearing Our Souls Speak

Phase 2: Sacred Vessel (Body/Soul Interface)

Phase 3: Living Our Unique Soul Essence/Signature/Frequency

What To Expect

To learn what your soul sounds like, how to care for it, and to receive guidance and training on how to embody your unique essence and signature in safety, comfort, and FUN.

Commitment: This offering is designed in similar form to an online university course. I have a set package of material/practices that are released at the beginning of each phase. These are a mix of short videos explaining the concepts and then exercises you can work with throughout the month in your life. GET TO THEM AS YOUR SCHEDULE ALLOWS! Each phase: We also have the option for participants to attend optional (value added) group calls where you can come with questions, to talk about your experiences, and to receive direct guidance from me! Please note: That schedule is released only to participants. We will have several opportunities for you to pop in each month. We schedule to be inclusive. Getting registered early helps me secure your time slot.

Time wise: This is designed to be something that you bring into your life and learn through experience. Learning how to hear your soul is something we do as we go about our life. This will not be a huge time commitment in terms of sitting down for big chunks of study. Rather, this is all about you having a wide array of tools/options that you can test out and vibe with as you are inspired. There are basic exercises like a soul alignment that I suggest we do each day HOWEVER these are not ‘time consuming’. My whole school is designed on the concept of frequent practices that are ‘quickies’. When we do that on the regular, we do not ‘need’ that sixty minutes to get clear to think (though some of us love that).


We formally begin the program on January 10, 2021.

Request: $333 USD/$424 CAD

I happily accept payment plans for $111 USD/$140 CAD per month.

Registration for Soul Compass is now open! I welcome 100 students to join in on this dynamic learning experience! This will fill up. I recommend you emailing me RIGHT NOW to reserve your space if this is something that sparks your excitement. This will fill up. (Small downpayment requested.) Get in touch with me at

2021 is what we make it. What better way to launch into this new epoch than by getting to better know yourself!


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and love. Impenetrable to all else.

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