• Katie IndiCrow

Somatic Purification

When light walks. Working with the sisters.

As you can see by my face, right now is time for some heavy lifting. Joining together to vex out some hunting technology that seeks to tag and suck. A main focus this week has been purifying the internet. I highly recommend my video on high vibe internet experiences. There are tips connection, disconnecting, how to keep your field clear, and how to know which band of density you are at and communicating with.

The tagging and siphoning also exists in the real world through actions like humiliation, people being forcefully dominant (big difference from naturallyb leading), control built and exerted through aggression and micro aggressive behaviors.

It speaks through the language of fear and pain to tell us we are not enough. The energy works to frey nerves, demoralize, and create second guessing in self. That opens a siphon and can leave room for dependence and further harvesting. Hearing anything telling you all the worst bits? Give yourself a cleanse, unplug for a minute, and feel what happens.

I have made many helping videos on this topic. The two I most highly recommend at this time are the high vibe internet experience peace for tools (spelled intentionally so) and the internet tagging conversation for more advanced understanding of the tagging system.

It is a great weekend to unplug and enjoy.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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