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Integration Update and Practice

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This piece was originally recorded in the energy of eclipse #2 of our triple eclipse gateway in preparation for summer solstice. We had just had Jupiter and Saturn follow one another throuh the sky, Venus was in occult with the moon this day. In short, it was a potent day for creation. This practice remains extremely powerful. The information shared in the post serving as a valuable piece of the history of our universe.

Beginning with (and being guided by) an update on our planetary conjunctions, we speak about how we are learning about what it means to be a collective. What it means to represent, integrate, and understand the many parts of ourselves, our planets, and this universe. One of the tasks that we joyfully co-create on are bringing together elements of the universe for understanding. We share a lot of conversation on the idea of bringing in and harmonizing, within and without. Cooperation, coordination, and allowing ourselves and one another to be our unique frequency/honouring the steps on our pathways is an important part of figuring out what operating as a collective on earth is/will be.

Practice wise, we demonstrate how integration works in the way we cooperate. Together, we open up a stream of energy and invite participants to join in calling forth their highest vibrational alignments to their personal integration journey. We clear out some outdated energy and support the preparaton for further solstice gateway activation. In many ways, this ceremony is a great starting point to enjoy/continue to ride the waves in directed co-creation/embodiment/participation.

We conclude our practice by inviting those who are inspired to join us in calling forth the energy of purification/veil release as the pathway of the eclipse/solstice works its way through. We are very specifically unhinging a form of energy control that has had strong roots in that continent, whose people, resources, and animals have often been treated as less than or other. As the path of the eclipse makes its way through, may it bring with it truth and a release of the practices of soul and resource ownership that flourished here. We call forth a continued unhinging of the forms of soul control that were and are still being leveraged through parts of the archon system. We bring light and support to the Congo, in particular.

We welcome the loving co-creation of hearts and souls who join us in calling forth the highest vibrational pathway of this eclipse and solstice in general. We also welcome continued support on clearing and aligning the energy being released as the pockets of energy get opened up over the next days and weeks.

We are pleased and excited to share this with you!


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow (with Jerome Headley, who can be found at Unified Energetics FB/Youtube and Krystalline Living on Spotify)

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