Shifting Dimensional RealitiesShifting Dimensional Realities

Shifting Dimensional Realities A big huge vibrational adjustment process leading to dimensional leaping is wide open right now. In this video, I share information about what dimensions are and how to move through them! Referencing a bunch of my open access materials that you are able to work with, I begin by describing how to get from 3 to 6. We go through the review phase, timeline shifting, and the importance of learning how to understand how our energy body and mechanics work. From there, I head onto a conversation about 7d plus and the great shift that Monoceros represents for many of us. Please do excuse the take no shit break in the middle where divisive language from a live watcher kicked into the chatroom. Taking it as a great example, I reminded us all that together, we are all babies. We are all learning, growing, and doing something new. Each of us is being pushed beyond our comfort zone. Having patience for one another and refraining from being spiritual know it alls is going to be really important. The days of putting ourselves above one another and relying on false hierarchy are over. That behaviour will not ever be tolerated in my sacred environments. If you would like to skip my very direct discussion on it which was sharp intentionally, it was at the 12-14.5 minute mark. I used an f bomb.There were about seven of us there ready to shift the pattern of using the idea of experience as a reason to hold hierarchy over others. Heads up. It was turned into a beautiful discussion about how we work together and are all equal and how as we move to higher vibrations that becomes more apparent. For those who are interested in seeking more formal training, hit up As noted, my blog with years of exercises and support materials is If you would like to get in on receiving information on my upcoming dimensional transition learning session, email me at and let me know!

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow #masculine #feminine #unified #integration #adjustment #dimensions #update


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