Sessions, Acceleration, and Support

Updated: Nov 15

A list of my current inspirational focus for personal session and one to one training/guidance. I feel VERY excited to be welcoming a more specific focus to soul coaching and accelerated growth packages!

Soul Coaching and Accelerated Support

These sessions are designed to support your connection to your unique soul essence, journey, and form of creation.

The form our session takes is determined by where YOU are at on your journey at the time of our connection. Due to the dynamic nature of soul, they often include factors like karmic recognition, creation and lightwork tool clarification, energy clearing, pathway creating, and soul information sparking.

A big part of the reason I continue to hold these sessions is that I LOVE getting to work with people in development of their soul essence. It is inspring to get to meet the creators of the universe and to support you on your journey on earth! To ensure we are always on YOUR path, we work with soul unification and peaceful embodiment of your soul frequency as a main objective and guidepost.

I request $222 cad in thanks for the sacred space held for this process.

Soul Retrieval and Repair

Soul retrieval and integration is one of my main specialties in the universe.

A soul integration and retrieval session often includes several phases:

1) Calling up of sacred wounding/moment where the fracture through which the fragmentation or usurption occurred.

2) Repairing the energetic conditions around the fragmentation/tear. This could include negotiation with beings who are holding your soul peaces (spelled like that intentionally), traveling to the parts of the universe you are located, and then negotiating and/or extracting you out of that space.

3) Returning the soul aspect or fragment into the body for unification.

The length of our connection for the grounding will be no longer than sixty minutes. It is common practice for myself to require thirty minutes to ground and thirty to chat. I record a video practice and deliver it in instances where the soul is coming in to a resistant human body because we are still shifting you from a matrix or system. In these instances, we will align for a thirty minute grounding after you have completed the procedure.

I request $333 cad in thanks for the sacred honour, effort, and skill applied in performing these rights.


A broad category, this theme is here to represent to our community that I happily and lovingly hold space for families at various parts of their journey.

Themes I engage with include (but are not limited to):

Family organization and communication.

Support of star/energy aware children to enjoy and understand their gifts and sensibilities.​

Preparing birth plans and walking the parents through the soul related aspects of energetic lead-up to the process of bringing baby into this world. This includes ensuring their passage as a soul into this realm is clear and that they remain free.

Supporting the crossing of a loved one through soul preparation and transition. (Please know I do this without request of payment. Psychopomping is a main task that my soul performs on a constant basis. I regularly meet our community family members and animal companions at the crossing and see them safely through. That is just me being me. Not to mention it is a joy and honour to support our people in this role.) If a person/family has a special request, I will happily support the lead up to crossing, performing a private ceremony, and/or doing additional energy clearing or alignments. It is those services that I would gratefully receive support in thanks through a session booking for. It helps keep me flowing.

​Session standard rate is $222 CAD.


A little bit of everything, an alignment session is a great one to link up for to support clearing in the emotional and energetic bodies as well as grounding of the soul.

These sessions include receiving an energy alignment prepared by me as inspired by your unique soul signature. These sessions are all about supporting you getting aligned in energy to support soul growth, awareness, and connection.

$222 cad standard session rate!


This package is an accelerated growth package that takes place through 2 months. A GREAT opportunity for those who are ready to move forward and to ACCELERATE!

Package includes 4 sessions, 4 check-ins (email), and inclusion of any additional learning packages. Please book 1 session 1:1 as a start (let me know your intention to accelerate). If we are a great fit, we will go from there!

Package request: $1222 cad and includes learning materials supportive to your development path.

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