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Self Actualization Alignment

Self Actualization Alignment: A practice to call forth your unique soul essence and to align your body/emotions/energy to embody who you came here to be.

This video is a guided meditation that is created to support believing in ourselves. We are at the precipice of a huge leap. As part of that, many are experiencing feelings of ‘limitation’ and ‘stagnant’ energy. In addition to charging up our energy streams and aligning our systems, we learn how to recognize and dissolve the anxiety, fear, and limitation energy that we meet as we move through that process. We also discuss practical steps to take in our day to day life to ground this practice and our new higher harmonic experience.

Remember: What we learn about energy applies in all scenarios. Please work with what you learn here as a tool to support your soul growth in all expansion scenarios. I do all the explaining and discussing a) because that is how informed consent in ceremony works and b) so that you learn about how to move energy, what it feels like, and the exact process to work with yours on your own.

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Created in peace. Shared with love.

Katie IndiCrow

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