Seeking Togetherness? We Are Here!

September Focus: Powering Up our Planet

Concept of Community: We Like Being Together. We have many similar interests. Here we come together in learning and support.

Friends, welcome to the September concept of IndiCrow Community, the new online forum space we been gathering in as a safe space for togetherness and fun. Our own little hub of the internet.

Why community?

We are in a part of our planetary shift where community, being together, and having people to talk to on a regular basis is important to me. I have created this community as a safe gathering space for us to come together in learning, laughter, and growth.

As we know, I exist in flow with the cosmos and am often called in for specific tasks that arise 'in the moment'. I also feel that a fun part of the programming here is that it is 'in the flow', meaning when I feel like coming on for a spontaneous call, I will. When I feel like playing music for us, I will. When I can feel that the group needs to get together, we will.

In addition to the spontaneous meetings (usually one a week), we have scheduled activities that sort around a 'theme'. This month, the 'theme' is POWERING UP THE PLANET. We have a big Equinox/Solstice shift upcoming. Getting together and honing up our skills on light anchoring, how the energy system of the planet works, and why we work with it will be fun. The purpose of the programming is to create ongoing opportunities to engage with one another, me, the planet, and get some great information and have laughs while doing it.


Music oriented gatherings (I have a dj and the equipment for this in people. We will do our first one in late September/early October. Reigstration covers their costs.)

Monday gatherings for open chats and catch ups

Ongoing education

Humour and candid conversations

Youth and family gatherings (usually one a month, with our young friends welcomed at just about every event we do aside from some that are 18+subject matter which will be coming soon).

Seeking a yoga teacher for monthly community yoga get together (registration fees will help cover their remuneration.)

Spontaneous calls to get together and hang out.


Scheduled Community Calls/Learning Events

*please note this schedule was arrived at after voting best availability for members for the month. Want to get your timezone clocked? Let me know! I happily expand to be with our paople.*

Friday September 4 at 10 am ADT: TREE POWER with Olga from Tree Therapy ((learning material will be recorded and become a group resource)

No Monday Call because of Labour Day

Sunday, September 13 at 4 pm ADT: ANCHORING LIGHT: How To and WHY WE Do (learning material will be recorded and become a group resource)

Monday September 14: 9 am ADT Monday Morning get together

Tuesday: August 15 8 am: Kids/Family Call (*special focus/only young people and their families are permitted to join these calls and there is separate linking to ensure a safe environment for our young friends*)


Monday, September 21: 10 am ADT: Monday Gathering

Final weekend of September we will have a community gathering/event on the weekend that includes music and gathering informally.

Final weekend of September we will have a community gathering/event on the weekend that includes music and gathering informally.

*A second youth call will be scheduled with respect to our new schedules and will be discussed in poll in the community group. I seek to be more accessible to West Coast families and am signaling to you that I will schedule more for you as well*

Please note I am traveilng for August 31 and thus there will be no Monday morning call this week.

Registration: 44 -cad per month for general memership which gets access to all of this. (I do ask for an extra $20 to gain access to the youth specific programming. Families will not be excluded, so please do not feel money will ever be a barrier when we are aligned.)

TO REGISTER: Send along registration to Please put 'community' in the subject heading. If your primary email address is not the same as your paypal address, please send me an inbox message to with your primary.

Welcoming our community to come be amongst friends.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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