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Securing the Energy of Joyous and Secure Passage this Afternoon into Evening

Securing the Energy of Joyous and Secure Passage this Afternoon into Evening

Greetings, friends!

Sending a special request for those of you feeling inclined to join in on calling forth the intention of joyous and successful passage for souls moving interdimensionally.

I am on my way to spend a few hours at open of my main gridpoints where an amazing public event celebrating some famous ships take them all through the main points on this side of the ocean before they head off on their voyages elsewhere. This is significant, in particular after the last two weeks where one of my main tasks has been to wrap up many lifetimes of work where the task of finding these souls and helping them transition has been placed at priority level 1.

Reality Reflects Reality

One thing I love is how the work that we are doing astrally shows up in our physical reality to let us know that all is on track. I was so excited to see this article yesterday, detailing an event in my town (Halifax) focused on many successful voyages: https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/queen-mary-2-and-queen-elizabeth-ships-scheduled-for-special-sail-away-friday-1601936?

Not only was I excited about the event itself, but its timing and placement were also big confirmations of all is going well. Taking place in the Halifax Harbour (a place often associated with the Halifax Explosion or Titanic body recovery), this event even has these ships circling Georges island before they head out. This place is near and dear to my ancestors (Acadie) who were held there as part of the great expulsion.

As noted, what we are doing energetically/astrally reflects into and overlays our 'real lives' down here. When something like an event celebrating many years of successful voyages taps down into a place often known for death and explosion, it sparks my heart and tells me we are very much on the right path.

Creating A Crystalline Reality

Halifax Harbour, just like the earth and our interdimensional travels corridors, has another story! One where people get where they intend and are met with welcome and secure conditions. Where there is enough and they are taken care of. Where they are whole and for those who require to hear this word at their point in adjusting, 'safe'. Where things are ok and perhaps even great, upon arrival but also in transit.

I invite those who are inspired to join me in pulling in a whole lot of light to the concept of joyous passage and soul transition! You are also welcomed to focus as much light power as possible by anchoring into this map! I have built lots of crystals in this location and they will happily receive and magnify the intention of crystalline ascension passageway for this part of our ascension process.

Those who are ready may also call forth soul aspects and fragments that are making the journey back to them! Damien and I are focusing on creating an amazing disco journey space and we will be here with you on your path.

Many souls will be coming and going, many more are reuniting home. It is a great joy to be able to contribute to this act. I am also so happy to be able to experience this major transition in my own personal psychopomp duties. So is Damien.

Now, we focus on fun.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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