Sasquatch Sunday!

Sasquatch Sunday!

Hey, friends!

As we know, our borders to USA are not open, and therefore I will not be making it to the Psychic Sasquatch Conference, this year. I was excited to get to be in person with so many fellow sasquatch lovers and co-creators and to get a chance to do some learning!

Since we are not getting together, physically, I felt inspired to share out the information that I had put together for our workshop and to do it during the days that we would have been together with one another. This session is all about peace, supporting the planet, and healthy/high vibe sasquatch communication.

Highlighs: Understanding sasquatch story and the different tribes who populate this planet (and the universe).

Why and how we connect (in terms of why they work with planet earth and what their interest is in humanity)

How to communicate directly and safely with sasquatch friends. This includes forming a clear communication plan that you will put into place to experience connections that are safe, healthy, and beneficial for you (and them).

To access the workshop, click here:

Though it may feel sad not to be with our people physically, this opportunity to come together in digital space makes this information more widely acessible to all. I can get down with that.

I also wanted to make mention that on September 12, I will be availalble for a day of Sasquatch focused session and community conversation. Getting us together is important, to me! The sessions will be $111 cad for 30 minutes, $222 for 60. The live group gathering will be offered to all who take part in the private sessions, the sasquatch session listed above, and also to those who are part of our community. This will be an opportunity for us to come togehter and share our joy and love for the sasquatch beings in our lives and how we are able to support them.

(please email me at for inclusion on the gathering and to book session. Those purchasing the workshop will receive the information/access through IndiCrow Academy.)

Want to know a little bit about my style of sasquatch connection? Check out this video we made about supporting children:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

IndiCrow Energetics

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