Sasquatch Learning Session (Community Gathering)

I am so pleased with the rapid, heartfelt response from the community about working with/connecting to our Sasquatch friends. They have long been a very special part of my work and life. It is exciting that they are ready to be shared about/share about themselves in this learning circle gathering!

When: I am hosting this learning session on Wednesday, July 22 at 10 am - 12 pm (possibly 12:30 if you are a chatty group) ADT.

If you are not able to attend the live, the session material that I present will be recorded and available for replay. Please note that participants are not recorded in respect of their anonymity.

We had a nice base of respondents who I think represent the globe fairly well. Based on the availability survey of our first responders, this is what I came up with. A little early and a little late in the day for some, but totally worth it. I also know my Westy friends like their early am learning <3.

Time zone breakdowns: West Coast Canada/USA: 6- 8 am CST: 8 am - 10 am EST: 9-11 am Perth peeps: 9 pm to 11 pm Sydney: 11 pm - 1 am

PROCESS: This call, I am going to be sharing directly from an energetic link with the sasquatch elders whom have worked with and educated me on what their role here on earth is and how they are seeking connection with people like us. This is not 'channeling'. Rather, they are telepathic beings who work with heart based wave communication as part of their way of sharing love and information with us. They are connected to the 7dplus grid. The more the earth rises in its vibration (and us too), the more clearly we can hear us (and them).

We will begin with energy autonomy/safe energy alignment skills that will support us in making high vibrational choices when it comes to communicating with beings in other realms and dimensions. This is an important part of making sure that you know who you are working with.

We will then move on to sharing information about who the sasquatches in our lives are (for there are some if we are called to this), how we are able to refine our particular links, and what we are able to do to support, understand, and create with them. A big part of what they are showing me that they would like help with is building happy and supportive relations with humans. Children, in particular. They love to play, dance, and work with the grids. You can find them in mountains, on lakes, in the astrals, and in our backyards. They are here to help hold space for the big shifts, to have fun, and to return to their peaceful engagement and supportive friendship with humans.

The specific material will be tailored once the energy of registrants becomes more apparent. We know that I design each offering based on the threads of energy/information that people joining in inspire me to call in. That is holding space in group format, these days! Hear the grou and then design in ways that are going to be exciting to them.


To register: I welcome you to signal intent to register by sending me an email at! You may then go ahead and send in your fee through or, if in Canada to my email address. Please speak up if you would like a spot. I aim to keep the group intimate/the material nicely toned to the interests of those joining in. How many more I welcome in from the public will depend on what our group of first responders (you) say!

First come, first seats as they say.

Registration: $55-$77 CAD, pay what you are able. Please keep in mind that those registering for this workshop will also be gaining access to my new learning commons for a month (as part of your registration. This is done in part because I am dedicated to hosting some follow up conversation on what we are learning). Scale your contribution accordingly. If you are not interested in the community/have already gotten involved with it through your class access, feel welcomed to take the $55 CAD option. If you are of means or have not yet registered for a class/workshop this month, I do appreciate the $77 CAD contribution.

WHERE: This will happen ONLINE through The replay will be administered through IndiCrow Academy (in a nice little package), and ongong conversation will take place in IndiCrow Community Forum (my brand new communication oasis built at If you would like to request access to this new forum space, email me! I welcome people who are seeking a space to ground learning. share in depth, and talk about fun things like books, music, yoga and to share humour. I also welcome people who are interested in working around themes of learning/empowerment. We are having a special focus beginning next week on energy activism/why focused intent works well to support the causes we are about. Registration begins at $44 cad per month.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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