Kundalini: Ever wonder why the energy is represented as twisted? Like two forces that weave around our energy centers?

In a healthy energy body, the kundalini expression of life force energy is meant to be like a huge column of light traveling from the earth through our feet and up through source (and vice versa).

In our past epoch, the kundalini and soul communication connection experience became distorted and twisted up. An experience of awakening and expansion meant to be one of joy and excitement (the kundalini awakening) became one of pain and torment.

A huge part of what we have been blueprinting in the last cycle of Venus (2012-2020) is a healthy and safe energy body experience that includes a CLEAR and unobstructed kundalini path. One where soul energy and its sacred spark of electricity and communication is able to flow freely through the energy column of the body. When functioning properly (and with our daily care), our soul spark and creative life force energy that kundalini represents flows freely. We are inspired. We are in touch with our emotions. We feel 'great'. We hear our soul, we are in touch with our creative inspiration, we are able to live in flow with what is best for us (and it is easy to bring that into our fields and/or recognize it). When our kundalini energy is not able to flow freely, we sometimes have extremely difficult 'awakening' experiences in the soul/body. This includes physical pain like migraines, experiences of dis-ease like what feels to be IBS and other digestive issues, extreme emotions, and even psychosis.


The great thing about energy bodies is that we are able to repair them. Clearing out our energy body and aligning our channels into a column helps create healthy flow. This, in turn, gives us a more direct link to our soul, source, and our connection to this planet. We feel more grounded in who we are, what we are doing, and we are able to receive these major influxes in more comfort!

Kundalini energy is not something that we feel just once. It is an integral part of the soul expression and embodiment experience on this planet. When we are in the flow with our healthy energy column, our columns are tuned with that of the planet. This opens up a whole new realm of fun!!!

Neat, right?

Part of the veil release is learning just how much power and happiness there is for us in this process. Embrace it!

The video linked here (and many I have released over the years) are helpful to purifying and upgrading your kundalini stream. Invite the pink, blue, and light sparkles to wash over you! Welcome the energy to purify and align your kundalini stream:

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