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Repairing Grids and Souls When Something Painful Happens

Earlier this year, we here in Nova Scotia experienced true horror. A killing spree by a person in a 'fake' RCMP car, who was able to hold his partner hostage, set a number of homes on fire, and ultimately murder 22 people before being apprehended.

You may recall me speaking about it and holding space for the community at that time.

When things like this happen, they create huge astral tears. The fear that people experienced during it and the pain that has come since also contributes to soul fragmentation. These conditions, in turn, are able to contriute to the opening of doors to some pretty heinous energy (in soul and also in community). This has real life impacts, like increased violence (which we have seen here in terms of gun violence), increased ability of energy/beings of the denseness to have more volume. It also gets into the homes of the people who live here.

In this universe, I serve many roles. It is often my duty to travel to places of war and pain. To fix the ruptures in the grid so the region can stabilize. To retrieve stuck soul pieces and send them home. To then also vex out any little lower vibrational energies with the intent to hurt that have decided to sneak back in through that pain/rupture/soul fracture.

This is extremely physical and emotional work.

Over the past few months, I have been traveling our regions astrally and physically, working on this. It has taken a lot of effort. The energy that I found as I was working through this is closely connected to the other actions including human trafficking and entrapment/horrific domenstic abuse that we know are happening in our region. It has been a labour of love. One that has taken a huge cost on my body and soul (which I have been repairing along the way. This is my jam, so do not worry about me).

I, nor any person, can 'stop' these actions that are being propelled by others. What we can do, however, is create the conditions where it does not thrive, multiply, or expand as a major reality band (again). We are not responsible for the way reality plays out. We are, however, able to create pure and clear environments where the energy of thrive is open, accessible, and ready for our communities as we make our ways through choicepoints.

Caring for the energy of our communities and lands is a lot more than just hanging out at a site, or taking a cool picture. It takes dedicated focus and it can bring those of us who do it to some truly challenging situations (which we encounter because of our love for you and this planet).

As is my case, caring for this planet (and my community) often means being where the worst things have happened to plant those seeds of hope. I just got home from one of these journeys and can happily say, we did it. The tear is repaired. I was able to find the major destabilizer and to secure the stream. (YES!)

So, if you have ever been wondering what it is I do, this activity right here is a powerful example.

Nova Scotia (Canada), planet earth. I love you.

To those who share these roles in their own communities, I acknowledge and honour you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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