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Remembering Petra

Remembering Petra

First published on IndiCrow Energetics (FB) October 26, 2019.

It is a very good time to heal, cleanse, and call forth sacred knowledge.

As I mentioned when I shared about the asteroid and all occurring in the lead up of the

last ten days or so, a lot is being revealed.

I am deep in study/reflection/sacred work. A moment that has united many of us. Before we had the tribes that the dominant narratives created. We had achieved amazing success. We knew it as Petra. I lived, loved, and created there with so much joy. Reconnecting to it has been moving. One of the gifts of this veil lifting process.

A beautiful dream was destroyed. Horrifically. The divine energy that powered a civilization was found and intentionally mutilated in an attempt to stop our work. It altered it. Significantly.

I was shown how this played out with what became what we recognized divine feminine wounding. Another layer of the relationship. But not exactly in those terms (which is what I am working on clearing and aligning so I can share with you).

We were bedouins. Traders. Successful. We built a city and we lived and loved there. The happy memories and the project we were working on is coming back to me. Quickly. I can feel others connected to this part of our lives clicking back in and doing deep womb and heart healing work. You see, aligning to these moments is not about focusing on the crap that happened. Yes, it is definitely part of it. Call me crazy, but I get excited when we hit this depth because I know what a huge impact it has when this many of us move to a healing cycle.

A new phase of research and learning and sharing begins. This is a place and time of our story that I am so happy to get to be part of recalling. Many lessons occurred during this period that we joyfully take on and implement in our next phases. Many backdoors to be closed.

I know on a personal level, connecting with this information and the path of alignment it has brought me down in the short weeks (but especially last 12 hours) that I became aware of this (again). My heart and my womb and the reasons why I always expected the shoe to drop have finally come to the surface. Profound emotional healing is taking place. I am so happy to get to this.

So, friends. Breathe deep. Allow your curiousity to draw you. Now is a beautiful time to take your next step on the spiral.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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