Recognizing and Fanning our Soul Spark

Updated: Oct 14

Hey, you!

Yes, you.

This video is a reminder that you are good enough. You are loved. You are a valuable part of what is going on.

We are gearing up for some big transitions. In order to make them, we will be required to recognize that we are indeed, good enough. We are capable. In order for us to grow as a collective, it is important we release the we cannot do this program.

This video covers over some of the ways we unintentionally limit our growth. Yes, there are skills to build. Yes, there are leaps to take.

This energy of today is all about shaking the lack of self belief, off.

Ignite the spark!

I believe in you.

Ways We Limit our Growth:

Soul Spark video 1:

Soul Spark video 2:

To access the gathering:

(To access the gathering and support materials to help you get ready for this (and other) moments of personal focus in alignment: If you would like to 'drop in' to the ceremony but no purchase the package, email me at We will work it out!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#soulspark #wayswelimitgrowth #ascension #dimensionalcrossing

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