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Ready to Go Deep? February Community Calls, Training, and Alignment Activities

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Hello, Friends!

It is a new epoch, new year, new moon. We made 2020, we are consistently releasing the veil. Now, for many, it is time to get training. I have a lot coming forward to share with our ever growing community. Here are some of the highlights for February!

In addition to releasing ongoing open access content through my blogs and holding space in Love Wave, I am also hosting a number of activities including gridwork training, energy alignment/spiritual surgery activities with Iris Adema.

Kundalini and Light Body Integration/Upgrade Support Session Co-hosted with Iris Adema: Friday, February 7 (energy session) with follow up/support materials included

We are moving through rapid/magnificent upgrading moments. For a lot of people, this is spurring a full kundalini awakening. For others, it is a massive and rapid upgrade. These adjustments can be fun and rewarding. They can also be a bit tough in that expanding to adjust to this much energy as quickly as many are can result in some pretty extreme feelings. People may experience this in the form of 'symptoms' like headaches, nausea, fluttering in the kundalini stream physical and emotional discomfort.

Iris and I are calling forth 6 people who would like to receive energetic alignment and light body building/support in this focused area. We will be doing the procedures in 2 parts. Part 1 is a live gathering on Friday, February 7 at 10 am AST (happening on zoom. It is highly recommended all are there for the live however, you will be able to tune into the recording and receive the procedure at any time in the course of the window of the 7-10). This will take approximately 60 minutes. From there, participants will be encouraged to rest/integrate/receive/upgrade over the course of 2 days. We will also be available on Sunday, February 9 for participants to drop in and speak to us to seal their integration.

Exchange: We are asking $222 (your currency) as our registration fee. There are two slots reserved for the $166 USD (flat). To indicate interest in participation please email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com.

Registration will close on the morning of February 6. We do a lot of leg work before the actual alignments in preparation, astrally. Last minute registration does not provide the space for that.

Unplugging from the Archon Grid/Old Matrix: Energetic Autonomy and Soul Alignment Session Co-Hosted with Iris Adema. This will be taking place on February 12 and 15.

This session is exactly what it sounds like. It is our offering to support energetic freedom and autonomy for those who are requiring support unpinning and unplugging from the system. This includes to do with calling forth and severing outdated soul contracts, dissolving slave programming, taking out internal programming, removing mind control technology. Basically, we are ready to help you release things in your field that are holding you back.

This program includes a preparation package. A live activity to be delivered/performed by me occurring on February 12, there will be energy/follow up practices for you to draw on each morning/evening, and then follow-up private sessions with Iris and myself happening on the 15 to seal the practices. Seh and I will be available to participants throughout.

This is a multiple day procedure series. As you can understand, this type of work is in depth. It requires a great deal of skill as well as a lot of our personal, 1:1 attention. It also requires participants are diligent in preparation, observing the processes that we set up, and in their own aftercare. We are ready and able to do this and we call forth 5 to 7 participants. We are requesting $444 your currency for participation in this very special procedure. To indicate interest, please contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. If we are a good fit, you will be welcomed!

ONGOING: Being Who We Are in Challenging Situations

This is a little learning/working/tools group that I have started up. A bunch of us are embodying in what we would term 'tough' situations like sudden death, job loss, accident, disease. I got together this little package and group because it felt important to be together.

Heads up that our First group call will be happening next Saturday and there will be a second when we wrap up. I am also hosting a forum until the end of February. To access, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/being-who-we-are-in-difficult-situations-tools-to-empower-embody-and-grow

Recommended Study Now Options (all $111 or less!)

I AM: This is core IndiCrow Academy material. If you are seeking to understand how to get your energy body and alignments in order, this is a GREAT place to begin. I also recommend this offering to all seeking to go further in depth with their studies with me. https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/i-am

Everyday Energy: This is a big value. It comes with Soul Unification, Energy Body Expansion, and timeline tools. If you are looking to get some scope, check this out!: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/every-day-energy-tools-for-enjoyment-and-flow

Empath Enjoyment: This one has everything to do with learning how to enjoy your expanding empathic skills in all environments. Being an empath is a source of joy and this offering takes you through 3 weeks of exercises that will help you find it! https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/empath-enjoyment

Soul Unification: This is a core method that I have designed and it is all about getting your soul unified and functioning as your core source of guidance. This coupled with I AM are two of the very best bits you can connect with to get autonomy and clarity in your soul. https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-unification-understanding-alignment-learning-session

Energy Body Expansion: This is a quick study option all about the basics of energy body awareness and opening up. Ever wonder how people in my school accelerate so quickly? This information is part of the how/why: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/expanding-your-energy-body

*If we get ten or more registrants for these programs within five days, I will happily open up a little learning group for you and do a q and a call. All of these offerings blend together and build upon one another. If you had some friends would like to learn together, this is a great opportunity. *


I also am in the process of getting people together who are practitioners of various sorts who would like to go deep in developing their unique skillsets for their respective institutional contexts/practice. Click this link for more information: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/are-you-a-practitioner-who-works-with-human-souls-emotions-and-or-body

March will also see the beginning of a new round of gridwork training! I am accepting participant interest emails for this one, now. If you have been wishing to learn gridworking techniques from me, March-June will be your next opportunity.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Photo by Brianna Santellan on Unsplash

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