Quick Consults!

Are you seeking a quick connection for answer/guidance/support on a specific question or path of personal direction?

If yes: Read FORWARD!

We are back with another round of quick consultations! Thank you to those who have shown interest in this concept. I love it and guess what?

I am ready to do my second round of quick consults tomorrow! To get included, message me at my inbox here (emails seem to be 'getting lost'). Give me an idea of your question. If it is something that I can reliably and responsibly discuss with you in the window, I will happily do so.

Please note that I work with those coming in with clear and pure intentions in this question and answering. Only those with peace and love for me, humanity, and this planet are welcomed. This is an opportunity for peace filled and happy communication on healing our soul and the planet.

*For this to work, it must be recognized that I still am connecting to an energy, providing answers, and holding space. Minimum donation of $55-66 required. *

Quick question opportunities like this will happen when the cosmic flow frees up this space for me.

Please also note that I have returned to full session work as well for a window of approximately 12 more days this round. Check out www.indicrowenergetics.com/sessions for more on those.

*If today does not work for you but you love this consultation idea, please let me know. You will be put on a list and notified for the 'next one'. If this goes well, this will become regular.*


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else

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