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Purifying the Persephone Tradition

: Being in the body of a woman and walking very frequently on the otherside, I have often taken on the role of reflecting that which is ready to be shifted.

I have done this in the tradition of Persephone/Isis. The intentional act of walking in all worlds as a way to bring balance is key to my energy signature and practice. (There are others like me. I write this for us.)

In the form of relationships, this expression has often meant that interacting with me/us has supported the surfacing of innermost fears, dangerous and hurtful patterns from friends, family members, and partners. As the story often goes, we get close to them, something within surfaces, and very often that thread would get expressed through interaction with us. Whether they realize it or not, they ball the energy up, project it. In the form I have performed, I become the stage for that projected energy in all my glory. Sometimes, unwittingly falling into the energetic hole of their projections, finding myself acting out patterns that are not mine. That I do not want to participate in. It causes me a lot of pain to interact with someone elses' old lessons within the context of initiation rites that are no longer plausible or efficient.

In other lifetimes, some of us in the bodies of women walking in this tradition chose to create and grow it. At some points, we did this knowingly! What was the purpose in this pattern? Creating the energetic space through which the people we love get to act out their energy (ideally for the purpose of their own growth). Thus, they free themselves of their insecurities, energy sticks, and hangups.

Over the liftetimes (and this one in particular) this pattern has become cumbersome. Very simple little things like being treated with basic respect and kindness do not happen for those in this tradition a lot of the time. All too often the people we choose to care about work out their worst patterns through interactions with us. While I am totally here for that, it becomes very unbalanced in that the spaceholding, emotional, and often visceral experience of holding someones' hand while they journey into their own otherside is not recognized. It is not returned. Rather, as the pattern has become distorted, we get left behind. Like used tissue paper. The people we engage with experience the purge of emotions, so too the joy and the pleasure of knowing and interacting with us.I n that tradition, we often do not get that joy of interacting with them after they have healed/aligned/balanced. Somehow a 'break' became inserted as part of the pattern that really denies that nourishing part of supporting growth that is so satisfying to people like myself who love to love. With the break in place, where are we left when that ends? Are we considered as being with emotions, too?

In my case, very often not. This, in turn, can bring one to that very outdated feminine coded energy expression of giving everything. Body, love, soul, sex, knowledge, patience, and getting very little in return. (The satisfaction of someone we love healing is meant to be the return....when the cutoff occurs it leaves a very bitter taste. One like you were used as a receptacle and very little else. In the case of the Persephone tradition, being overtaken and kidnapped is a huge part of the thread of articulation. As I reflect upon what it feels like to have your body and soul seem to be 'taken over' by outside energy to become a stage for purification, I realize that )

As I said before. There are others like me. I write and share this as a representation of what many of us are working on. I share it to stimulate thought, for those who give as well as those who benefit from the performance/mirroring that has become the old pattern.

One of the greatest pieces of my own personal journey over has been to release the notion of self sacrifice/sacrificing our own well being for others as a meaningful and main vehicle through which to catalyze growth. To feel into this pattern and to realize and now state to us all that yeah, this is BS. We are not achieving much for ourselves by being thrown to the wolves every cycle.

Just because we can rise as a phoenix does not mean we should have to. We do not have to keep going with this pattern. We can talk about it. Recognize it. Change it. I believe that very few people want to leave the people who have helped them feeling like crap. I believe that very few people helping other people want to feel as though they are here at the mercy of people to recognize that they are worth more than just a quick healing.

Part of the lesson here is that balance/recognition of exchange. This dynamic that I am writing about exemplifies a huge part of the masculine/feminine internal balance that so many of us are working to figure out. Being treated well and with respect is a meant to be a part of the lesson for BOTH of us. We share it with one another, we share it with ourselves. These relationships are meant to be cultivation points. Part of our potential as architects of energy is to see these unevennesses and to remedy them. For me, as we come to Venus occulting the moon and the solstice/solar eclipse, I think about integration. Of giving/receiving/welcoming/supporting.

This cycle that means that I am working with this concept of reflecting and sacrifice. Where have I fallen out of balance? What pain does this cause in my life? In my own personal case, I do not want to represent your fears to you in a way that makes me your enemy. I am pleased to support self discovery in ways that also help me feel inspired, alive, and enthused. These opportunities exist and the more we recognize them as the standard we require to continue on in our lives, the more it will happen.

I welcome those who find themselves within this pattern (from any angle) to join me in purifying this relation.

I am here to reflect and inspire potential, creation, and love. I am here to walk in the otherside. I am here to support integration. I call forth the conditions to do so that nourish and nurture me in high vibrational fashion.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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