Purifying the Birthing Experience: Parent and Guardian Skill Session/Tool Set Now Available!


As we know, working with children is a huge priority for me. I have been sharing a lot about the womb and birthing experience lately, which I invite you to check out here on my page or through my blog.

This morning, I hosted a live information and training session that was specifically geared toward parents welcoming new babies/who have recently done so/who are working with supporting them. In this particular gathering, we focused on Soul to Soul Communication, purifying the birthing experience and beginning to align the womb/birth space (or the space through which they were birthed), learning how to recognize and shift out family/parenting related karma, and energetic autonomy for self and baby.

The information that I shared in here was largely inspired by work that I do with souls preparing to enter the planet. As you will learn the more you connect with these souls, they know what they require and they are ready to communicate that lovingly. Part of your job, and part of what we focused on with this session, is learning how to hear!

This is a high vibe broadcast of tools and information that I highly recommend connecting to multiple times. Click here to access:


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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