• Katie IndiCrow

Purifying our Relationship with Jupiter and Offering Peace to our Collectives

I align with source, my soul, the crystalline core of this planet (universe) and my highest vibrational capacity of embodied experience and action.

I harmonize myself to peace and love.

I align with beings of all tribes uniting in peace, freedom, and love for one another and this planet.

We call forth the conditions of energetic purification of the Jupiter lines on and in this planet.

We purify our soul connections, releasing any tools of usurption wired in our consciousness through it.

We call forth clarity and dignity for self and others in the healing process.

We call forth integrity in the energy community. Clear paths to healing for ourselves and all others.

We support freedom. Free will. Peace in the soul healing process for those choosing it. We vibrate at the frequency of love.

(We are amplifying the purified Jupiter frequency in sharing this intent).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Interested in supporting autonomy and freedom on the planet (and throughout the universe)? Click here for some gatherings and training we have going on: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/project-free-people-free-planet).

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